How Much Can a Bookies Make?

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Millions of people around the world enjoy watching sports and using their own money to make a wager that a certain team will win a specific game or win that game by a specific amount of points.

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In order for people to make wagers on sports, they need to find a bookie that will accept their bets.

When a player makes a wager on a game with a bookie, the bookie will earn money when the opposite team covers the spread. For example, if a player bet the Golden State Warriors for $100 at -9 points against the Utah Jazz, then the agent would make money if the Warriors lost the game straight up, or if the Warriors did not win the game by at least 9 points.

The amount of money that bookies can make will depend on various factors, such as how many players bet with him each week, how much players bet on average per game, and how often their players make wagers each day and week. The simple way to look at it is that the more players a bookie has betting with him, and the more frequently they bet each day, and the more money they wager on each game, will all add up to the bookie making more money.


For example, bookies that have around 100 players betting with them each week generally make more money than bookies that only have 5 players betting with them each week. However, if the agent with 100 players has only players that bet between $25 to $100 a game then this agent will make a lot less money than an agent that has 5 players betting between $5,000 and $10,000 per game.

Also an agent with 100 players that has players bet between $250 to $500 a game is going to make a lot more money than the agent with 100 players that bet between $25 to $100 per game. So there is no exact number or formula of how much a bookie will make because sometimes the players will win, which means that week the bookie will not make money. However, over the long term, all bookies make money and the reality is that there is no limit of how much money a bookie can make.

On average though a bookie agent that has 100 players betting with them each week at an average of $25 to $100 per game, generally makes around 5k to 10k per week. However, the agent with 100 players that has players bet $250 to $500 a game generally makes around 50k to 100k per week from his players. However, it must be made clear that you do not need to have 100 players to make money.

Even if you have one player you can make money from booking his action. If you have one player that bets on average $50 a game and makes multiple wagers each day, then this player will lose on average $200 to $400 per week.†This means that over the course of a year this player will end up losing anywhere around 10k to 20k a year. Even if you have a player that bets infrequently and loses only $100 a week, this will still add up to this type of player losing around 5k per year.

So as you can see even though there are different factors that will determine how much a bookie will make, over the long term a bookie will make money as long as he has someone that is betting with him. So even if you are just starting out, as long as you always pay your players on time when they do win, and consistently try to acquire new players, then you as a bookie can make a good amount of money in the business of booking action on sports.

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