Hot Betting Trends: Grizzlies Face Daunting Task, Oddsmakers Opinion on Packers?

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Don Shapiro
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The Memphis Grizzlies have not played well this season but finally managed to string together two straight wins and are now tasked with winning a third playing back-to-back nights and three games in four nights.


They'll also be playing in Phoenix a bit banged up.

The line is a bit steep for the Suns at -9 when we're getting closer to -7.  Phoenix is also missing some key pieces with Bradley Beal and Devin Booker.  They still have Kevin Durant in the lineup.  And while the Suns also played a tough one last night, they remain at home.

-6 to -7.5 Favorites in the NBA

We're finding that over the past three weeks favorites of 6 to 7.5 have gone 20-7 Against The Spread.

Saturday night we had the Milwaukee Bucks hosting the Atlanta Hawks as a -6.5 favorite. 

Both teams are off Against The Spread when compared to their Straight Up record.  Atlanta is 9-9 SU but just 5-13 ATS.  Despite going 13-6 Straight Up thus far, the Bucks have only gone 7-11-1 Against The Spread this season.

The Bucks have pretty much been winning at home by 6 to 7 points recently. 

It's not just that the Bucks are a favorite within this line range.  The number is also dead on as we get 6.05.  Accurate lines above 6 have managed to go 5-0 this week Against The Spread.

The Packers Are Playing Better

Green Bay is 3-1 over their last four and that loss was on the road in Pittsburgh by 4 points. 

Despite all the action (80% or more at least) coming in on KC, the line has managed to move from -7 to -5.5. 

This suggests the oddsmakers have an opinion on this game, that Green Bay covers.  Why else continue to encourage action on the Chiefs?

We get a number of 6.87.  That means the line opened on the money but there is now a 1.5 underlay.

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