Online Bookies Can Get More Action for The 2018 Kentucky Derby

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The 2018 Kentucky Derby takes place this Saturday on May 5. Online bookie agents should see plenty of action on the Derby hit their online racebooks. It still might be a good idea to garner even more action, right?

See the best way for bookie agents to do that.

Get More Action for the 2018 Kentucky Derby

There are several ways to pump online racebook action on the Kentucky Derby. The best way is to highlight the uniqueness of the Derby.

1. Tell Your Players That the Derby is a once a year horse racing event

The Kentucky Derby is the most important horse race in North America. There’s nothing wrong with letting players know this.

The most important horse race in North America often demands the most money in wagering pools. The more money in wagering pools, the more money players can make.

2. Odds on Kentucky Derby horses are always overlay odds

Odds on horses participating in the Kentucky Derby are always at overlay odds.  The reason is that unlike most every other thoroughbred horse race in North America, 20 horses break from the Kentucky Derby starting gate.

This means there are more choices on which players can wager. The more choices, the more odds are spread around.

Every horse that offers odds in the Kentucky Derby to win offer fair odds. Again, pay per head agents should let players know this.

3. Finding the Derby winner isn’t as difficult as one might think

Finding the Derby winner used to be a chore. There was a time when the favorite never won the Kentucky Derby.

When Fusaichi Pegasus broke the favorite’s losing streak in 2000, most believed favorites might go on a run.

That didn’t happen. Monarchos, Funny Cide, War Emblem and Giacomo won the Derby as dogs.

However, since 2013, the favorite has won the Kentucky Derby:  Orb in 2013, California Chrome in 2014, American Pharoah in 2015, Nyquist in 2016, and Always Dreaming last year.

 The thing is, all those horses paid better than 2/1. Always Dreaming was a 9/2 favorite last year.

What it means is that the real contenders in this year’s Kentucky Derby, have the best shot of winning the race.

When the real contenders have the best chance of winning the race, handicapping is easier.

The bottom line is that online bookies should let players know they can make a lot of money for minimal investment on the Kentucky Derby.

Since it’s the Kentucky Derby, professional horseplayers have no real advantage over casual horseplayers. That’s the biggest selling point.

When it comes to the Derby, casual players have just as much of a shot to make money as professional players.

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