5 Pay Per Head Software Features To Increase Your Profits During Triple Crown

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The first leg of the 2017 Horse Racing Triple Crown took place on May 6. Always Dreaming, the race favorite, easily beat his rival. Only Always Dreaming has a shot at winning the Triple Crown.

But, online bookie agents have a great shot at making profit from the other Triple Crown races:  the Preakness Stakes on May 20 and the Belmont Stakes on June 10.

Agents only need to utilize the 5 per head features or reports below to ensure Triple Crown horse racing profits.

Player Activity

Agents should first check player activity reports. Player activity reports are the best sign that players will provide horse racing action.

Even if it’s not obvious that players want to wager on the Preakness or Belmont, player activity reports can help online bookies determine which players are more open to Triple Crown marketing efforts.

Wagers Report

Pay per head agents should check the wagers report on Kentucky Derby Day, May 6. The first thing to look for is how much action did agents receive from the Derby? Where did that action come from?

Also, make sure to see if any Derby players also bet on baseball or basketball that day. Agents might want to add a line or two about basketball or baseball into their marketing messages.

Schedule Limit Override

It’s important to schedule limit overrides the day of the Preakness and Belmont draws. Often, morning line odds aren’t the same as odds placed in future books. Track odds encourage action.

Any odds that aren’t track odds in future books after post-positions are drawn can lead to less action. Horseplayers are always looking for track odds.

Mass Editing Tool

Use the mass editing tool to create schedule limit overrides. It’s also important to ensure profit by using the mass editing tool to create max betting limits on horses to win the Preakness and Belmont.

This is a must for the Preakness where the rumor is Always Dreaming should be an even money favorite. Big money horseplayers could take a per head agent for a ride by dumping $5,000 on Always Dreaming to win the Preakness knowing on race day his odds could go as low as 3 to 5.

TV Listings Under Premium Section

You’re only going to find TV Listings under the Premium Section. TV Listings show the time of the race and what network is broadcasting it.

Yes, you can search for this. But, it’s going to take you longer to cross-promote the Preakness Stakes and that day’s nationally televised MLB game without TV Listings.

Pay per head agents should utilize every tool and report at their disposal to increase Triple Crown action.

Growing an online bookies business is easy when agents have the right tools. PayPerHead.com has all the tools above and more included with their premium platform.

During Triple Crown they’re offering triple the savings on their premium platform.  Don’t miss out on making the most cash the next two up and coming race - get PayPerHead.com today

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