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There once was a day when bookies had very little choices concerning the matter of software

. Fortunately, there is a new day dawning and the choices presented to bookies have changed dramatically over the last few years. Fantastic bookie software is now readily available and it’s affordable. Some 20-plus years ago, the pay per head creators came up with their “Beta” version of software for bookies and it was a hit. The problem was the price point. The tech geniuses created a remarkable product; however, they had no idea how to market said product. In the early days, the PPH providers were charging upwards of $25 per head for use of their software, the results were disastrous. Nobody wanted to pay $25 per head for 50-clients, per week! The bookies were still willing to fight the fight, on their own. The PPH providers have wised up and realized they are appealing to a base that wants an affordable product.

What should you expect from the best bookie software, and who provides it?

·         Software for bookies is readily available on the internet through pay per head providers.

What is a PayPerHead provider?

·         A pay per head is a provider of an online sportsbook, casino, and racebook. The reason the pay per head is called a “pay per head” is because the people providing you the service, (the Pay Per Head) they charge you according to how many clients you have that are gambling with you on a weekly basis. They literally charge you on a per headcount. Example – If you have 10-players in any given week that place at least one wager, then you will be charged a price per head for each of the 10-players. If the PPH you happen to choose charges $10 per head, then you will be paying $100 per week. It matters not how many wagers your players place. They may place an unlimited amount and you are only charged the standard, per week-price per head.

·         The pay per head provider is usually an offshore company that provides you the bookie an effective and foolproof way in which to meet the needs of your clients.

·         The PPH is the sportsbook. The PPH is the software. Don’t be confused. Often, the public is confused about who is who and what they actually do!

·         When you sign up for the services of a PPH. You are signing up for a turnkey operation that included the software to run and operate an online sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and a Las Vegas-style online casino. You get all three in one.

·         The best news about the PPH is the fact they do everything for you. The software is desktop usable through an app – either on your PC desktop or mobile device.

·         By using the services of a PPH, you are offering your betting clients an online sportsbook just like any other online sportsbook.

·         Think of a PPH like this: What would happen if you were to conduct an organic Google search for “online sportsbooks”, “online casinos” or “online “racebooks”? Any number of the online giants of the industry will pop up on the first page. You will recognize the names. Most of them will be familiar to you. This is exactly what your clients will see when they dial up your online sportsbook, racebook, and casino.

·         When you sign up for the PPH, you will be given an exclusive .com address for you and your clients. You will add your clients to your database with an exclusive account that gives them an exclusive username and password. Your client can now place wagers at any time, and from anywhere they have internet access. They can now play against you 24/7/ You have the ability to earn money from your client at any time of day or night without you doing anything. You are simply there for them with an online presence.

·         The PPH takes care of everything for you. They set the daily sporting events, the daily lines, and odds. The client places their wager on the website with an automatic system (just as any online sportsbook). You have access to player and financial reports, and now you will know where every dollar is spent and when every dollar is earned

 Find a great PayPerHead that offers the best software for bookies and change your life. You will be thankful you made this decision and your clients will love the no-hassle 24/7 access. Call the provider today and ask for a free trial offer. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain in the heart of the busy gambling season.

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