Will Any Player Lose All Their Chips? - Million Dollar Game Day 4: Bet On It

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Ace King
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The Hustler Casino Live's Million Dollar Game is on and there are betting markets being offered.  The latest: Will Any Player Lose All Their Chips?


It was a rough day Wednesday for ACR Poker pro Tom Dwan, to say the least, as he went down $992,000 at the Hustler Casino Live's Million Dollar Game.  But, good news, he still hasn't lost all of his chips.

Dwan was the winner of last year's Million Dollar Game and walked away with $3.1 million.

This year's Million Dollar Game, which can be watched live below, is being played May 28-31.  It features an astonishing $1 Million Buy in.

Confirmed participants include Doug Polk, Tony Guoga (AKA Tony G) and Brandon Steven, among others, and of course Tom Dwan.

This year's games began with $500/$1,000 blinds no-limit hold'em with the advertised blinds only a starting point.  It will be streamed live.

Hustler Casino Live is a full-scale, high-value production. Close to a million dollars was spent transforming the casino’s high-limit poker room, the Crystal Room, into the set of this new state-of-the-art live show. HUSTLER Casino Live is not a traditional livestream poker show; it will look more like coverage of a TV broadcast sporting event and appeal to those beyond the gaming community. Unscripted and unedited, viewers can expect the biggest names in poker, along with many surprise guests, to be seated at the HUSTLER table. All players will be personally hand-picked and invited by the hosts—ensuring colorful characters, lively games, risky bets, and high stakes. In addition, some of the biggest names in poker will be a part of the lineup of guest commentators, including Norman Chad, Bart Hanson, David Tuchman and more.

“We have thought about producing a high-quality all cash poker livestream for several years but were waiting for the right opportunity. The stars aligned when we began discussions with Ryan Feldman and Nick Vertucci. They are the absolute best partners and share our goal of providing a top-quality product for poker fans around the globe. Mr. Flynt spared no expense with this project; in fact, it was the last one he approved—he would be so proud of HUSTLER Casino Live,” said Shaun Yaple, HUSTLER Casino General Manager.

Note: This betting market is for Day 4, scheduled to start at 5 PM ET this Friday, and is available at Polymarket. The stream viewable here will be broadcast with a 2-hour delay, thus apply caution when trading.

This market will resolve to "Yes" if any player participating loses all their chips during Day 4 of the Hustler Casino ‘Million Dollar Game’ scheduled for Friday, May 31, 2024, and is forced to rebuy or leave the table. Otherwise this market will resolve to "No".

Only events occurring during the live-streamed event on Day 4 will be considered for this market's resolution.

The resolution source will be the official broadcast of the Hustler Casino Live stream. If the live stream becomes unavailable, the market will resolve based on official information from Hustler Casino Live.

Note: This market is on if a player is felted, not if they lose their initial buy-in.


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