Why Are CS: GO Gambling Sites Rising in Popularity?

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The Counter Strike Global Offensive that came like many other games before it has become so famous that it has changed the course of video gaming, attracting more than 700,000 players per month all over the world.

Within the last ten years, we have witnessed the establishment of CS:GO match betting sites on the internet, because of how famous the game has become. The gambling industry became more interested in the CS:GO games because of the huge amount of money involved. 

One of the common problems a player faces is finding the right site, which is why checking with sites like CS:GOBook can be beneficial, as they provide a service where players can read a review and claim a bonus or referral code before they play. With the numerous features that made the game one of the frontline esports betting opportunities, it looks as if the developers of the game designed it in a way that betting on it would be a very simplistic feat.

Regular Sports Betting Attributes

The major thing that makes the CS:GO exciting to watch, play, and wager on is the fact that it is comparative in nature. You will notice an unusual type of striking similarity between the CS:GO and the regular sports. Just like you have in a basketball game, the CS:GO game involves two teams, and there are 5 players representing each of the teams. Now for each team, there is a comprehensive strategy to follow, and each of the players in a team is given a specific role to play based on their strengths and shortcomings. The players are given the chance to evaluate the efficiency, communication skills, cohesion, and the team strategy from time to time. There is also room for individual player evaluations. Here, they discover those extremely talented players that can single handedly cause a turnaround in a game. These are the star players. There are also those that do so well in carrying on with team strategies. These are better team players.

The Format of the Game Makes It Suitable For Wagering

The format of the tournaments is also worth considering. Before the beginning of each round, maps that indicate the location of the games are developed, and people are always kept in suspense till this is revealed. One of the teams is normally named the Terrorists, while the other is named Counter Terrorists. This game is played in a best of 3 or best of 1 round format, and in each round, you have up to 30 games. The team that hits 16 points before the other wins the map. In order to make the winning chances even, the teams switch sides after 15 games.

The Dream of Betting Lies in Competitions

Because the CS:GO is designed to involve very tacit competitions, it makes for a great betting exercise, because people have many outcomes, occasions, and opportunities to wager on. Now, the highest of the CS:GO tournaments happen offline. They are staged in large entertainment grounds, and they involve some set of qualifiers and some knockout stages. There are also league-like competitions where up to 20 teams square against each other in search of the championship title like in the English premier league. Here, gamblers can choose to wager on the overall outcome of the tournament or the outcome of individual matches. The competitions are also numerous, making it possible for lovers of CS:GO gambling to have something to wager on all the time.

An Avalanche of Special Bets

If the CS:GO did not enjoy the publicity and fame it enjoyed when it came out, the new esports betting market which is becoming bigger by the day wouldn’t have experienced the boom it's currently experiencing. The base or common bets include the winner of the league, tournament, or competition, and the winners of each game or match. From here, many other types of bets are taken, including betting on individual rounds where odds change as the game progresses. Things like predicting the maximum or minimum number of maps that a round would have, predicting the right score, and guessing the possible performance statistics of individual players, could be wagered on too.

Now, the CS:GO is a one game where you cannot rule out the possibility of surprises anytime. Within the course of the game’s history, there have been a lot of surprises. Of course, you know that gamblers love to feed on such surprises, because these normally present the opportunities for them to land huge winnings. For instance, in the 2017 CS:GO major, one of the highest surprises ever witnessed in the game took place. Here, a team that was given 1 in 50 chances of winning the competition pulled a spurring one on everybody and went home with the prize.


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