What Bookies Really Want From Their PPH Service: Survey Results

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There are many reasons why a bookie or agent would choose to use a pay per head software solution.  The obvious is that, in today's environment, they can no longer do it all on their own.


What Bookmakers Really Think of the PricePerPlayer Pay Per Head Solution

Our friends at PricePerPlayer recently conducted their own internal survey of current customers to find out what they really think of their service.

For some history, PricePerPlayer has been in business since 2013.  That's right around the time the pay per head sector started blowing up.  PricePerPlayer has an uncanny knack for fine tuning their business to better serve their customer base over time and to keep up with advancing technology.

"The reasoning for wanting to know how bookies feel about our Bookie pay per head service is simple," they tell us.  "We are in the business of making dreams come true. Well at least for people who want to become financially independent and open a bookie business."

And dreams really can come true for bookies, many of whom make a sweet nine figure yearly salary doing three-quarters less work than pre-2013.

Here is what the survey entailed:

Two sets of questions were sent out to thousands of bookmakers who have used the PricePerPlayer platform. One Set was mostly opened-ended questions while the other set was closed-ended questions.

As with any survey, only a small percentage are going to actually fill it out.  Yours Truly should know, having been the recipient of at least five per week on average: Hotels, banks, etc... 

Out of the thousands provided with the PricePerPlayer survey, 428 took the time to complete the review of their pay per head services

"86% of responses we received were for the closed ended-questions survey," PricePerPlayer acknowledges.

Survey and Review Questions That Were Asked

  •     What do You like the Most About PricePerPlayer.com
  •     What do You Like the Least About PricePerPlayer.com
  •     How Can we Improve our Sportsbook Pay Per Head Services
  •     What Other Products and Services Should We offer?
  •     How Would you Describe PricePerPlayer.com to a Friend
  •     If not PricePerPlayer, which other Pay Per Head Company would you Choose for your Sportsbook?
  •     If You Could change one thing about our services, what would it be?
  •     What’s the one thing that nearly stopped you from using our PPH services?

PricePerPlayer Pay Per Head Survey Results

40% of bookies chose PricePerPlayer.com because they liked the cost of the pay per head services.

PricePerPlayer is known for offering one of the most transparent pricing structures in the industry.  Based on the number of players, a bookie could end up paying less than $5 per player per week.

If I were a betting man, I probably would have guessed this would get the most positive responses.


PricePerPlayer Pricing

# of Active Players

Price Per Players

0-99 Players

$5.00 Per Player

100 to 199 Players

$4.50 Per Player

200 to 299 Players

$4.00 Per Player

300 to 499 Players

$3.50 Per Player

500 to 699 Players

$3.00 Per Player

700 to 999 Players 

$2.50 Per Player

1,000 + Players 

$2.00 Per Player

Visit Their Site Here

"30% of sportsbook owners like using our Sportsbook and player management platform," PricePerPlayer tells us.

The features and tools, in particular, assist in boosting betting handles.

20% of the respondents thought the player betting platform was perfect for their needs. In addition, they said that their players like the betting ticket citing ease of use.

"Last, we found that 9% of our bookies are staying with us because of our excellent customer service for both them and their players."

One of the more interesting findings is that few of the players access the online casino that comes with PricePerPlayer's package.  Those who do play want more progressive slots and a poker room.

The survey also helped PricePerPlayer determine future needs.

The biggest change that bookies want to see are more attractive customized sports betting websites for players.

"In addition, some bookies said that they would like to see more automation of use of AI to facilitate managing their players."

Additionally, some bookies would like to see contests available to their bettors. This would include tournament brackets and square contests that have become increasingly more popular offerings among the big brand name online sportsbooks.


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