Weekend Cross-Sport Parlay Ideas For Your Sportsbook

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College football, the NFL, MLB Playoffs, and the NHL run sporting events this weekend. Check out bookie insights on a few cross-sports parlay ideas that could make bettors huge profits.

4 Cross-Sport Parlay Ideas

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Let’s check out the 4 cross-sport parlay ideas for this coming weekend!

Heavy NFL Parlay

3-NFL Games

1-College Football, MLB Playoffs, or NHL game

Parity in the NFL reigns, which means online bookies can put pretty much any 3 NFL games they choose into their NFL heavy cross-sports parlay.

The 3 games we’d put into our parlay are:

  • Indianapolis at New York Jets

  • Pittsburgh at Cincinnati

  • Kansas City at New England

All 3 NFL games are hard to handicap while most bettors are already interested in Pittsburgh at Cincinnati and Kansas City at New England.

Heavy College Football Parlay

3-College Football Games

1-NFL Game, MLB Playoffs, or NHL game

If bookies go with the 3 college football games cross-sports parlay, they must only use nationally televised college football contests.

Bettors won’t pay attention to any games that they must search to watch.

The nationally televised games in College Football Week 7 are:

  • #14 Florida at Vanderbilt

  • Nebraska at Northwestern

  • Pittsburgh at #5 Notre Dame

  • #2 Georgia at #13 LSU

  • #7 Washington at #7 Oregon

  • Baylor at #9 Texas

  • Missouri at #1 Alabama

  • #15 Wisconsin at #12 Michigan.

Heavy MLB Playoffs Series

2-MLB Playoff Games

2-NHL, NFL, or College Football games

From Saturday Oct. 13 to Monday, Oct. 15, baseball plays 4 championship pennant games. If you wish to offer an MLB Playoff heavy cross-sports parlay, you must couple the games.

Saturday’s games are:  

  • L.A. Dodgers at Milwaukee Brewers at 8:09 pm ET

  • Houston Astros at Boston Red Sox at 5:09 pm ET.

Sunday’s game is Houston at Boston at 7:09 pm ET. Monday’s game is Milwaukee at L.A. Dodgers. MLB hasn’t set a time for Monday’s game.

They should have a time by either Friday or Saturday this week.

Heavy NHL Parlay

3-NHL Games

1-NFL, College Football, or MLB Playoff game

3 NHL Games take place on Sunday, Oct. 14. On Saturday, Oct. 13, NHL plays 14 games. Finding 3 difficult to handicap NHL games shouldn’t be an issue.

Promoting cross-sports parlays that online bookies create themselves can lead to great profit. Bookies should try to think like casual players.

What games are casual players most interested in?

Also, bookies should only add challenging games. If games don’t present handicap challenges, every bettor can hit the parlay.

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