Vegas Casino Files Lawsuit Against Las Vegas Grand Prix Citing Detrimental Affect on Business

Written by:
Gilbert Horowitz
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Key takeaways:

A Las Vegas casino is suing the Las Vegas Grand Prix and Clark County, claiming the 2023 debut event had a detrimental effect on their business.


In its suit, Ellis Island Casino says their business has suffered due to the event's planning and operational decisions.  They are seeking both compensatory and punitive damages for the disruptions caused.

Organizers are accused of providing conflicting information pertaining to roadwork and how it might impact the casino.

"Plaintiffs' reasonable and justified business expectations were substantially interfered with, compromised, and adversely impacted as a result of the acts and omissions of F1 and Clark County."

“Between June and September 2023, F1 and its agents inconsistently timed their road paving schedules, leading to road closures on a daily basis with no notice to Plaintiffs."

“Plaintiffs were forced to pay for road flaggers to work between 12 and 14 hours a day to minimize (if not prevent) the resulting traffic build-up from blocking entrances to Ellis Island.”

KSNV obtained a copy of the suit and published it on their website.


The lawsuit further claims that during the "hot track testing" phase, Ellis Island Casino could not be accessed.

The debut race was the largest sporting event in Las Vegas history. The economic impact of the Las Vegas Grand Prix 'approached US$1.5 billion', according to a report published by Clark County officials.


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