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Online bookies have had a massive surge in popularity in the last 5 years. With each passing day, more people prefer to go online and place bets on their favourite teams and players, rather than walking to the land-based sportsbooks. Some experts even believe that online bookies will totally replace traditional bookies and by 2025 every bet will be done online.

To be fair, online bookies have numerous advantages over the land-based bookies and that is why millions of people are more comfortable going online. They have far more betting options, better odds, are more efficient and effective, and you can place bets on-the-go. Since so many people prefer online bookies and they are very popular, we decided to take a closer look at them and name a few interesting things that you should know about them. 


In order for online bookies to be considered legal and credible, they need to have a license to operate. That is the first thing that you should look for at any online bookie. As you may know, the Internet made our lives far easier, but there are some downsides to it. Online scams have increased a lot and thousands of people fall victim each day.

Fake online bookies are often created since they are platforms where you need to leave your card details to wager money. Once the scammers get a hold of your private information, they will empty your account. That is why you need to make sure that all of the sites that you visit are credible. 

Make sure you do some research before picking the best online bookie. We can make the process a bit easier and provide you with a list of some of the most credible and best online bookies. You can find them at safebettingsites.com.

Most Popular Markets 

Although online bookies are popular all around the world, two countries stand out as the most popular markets for online betting – the UK and India. The UK is somewhat an expected feature since its citizens are big fans of all sports and love the idea of placing bets. Most online bookies hold Britain as their primary target because they know that the chances of being successful are far greater than in any other country.

India might come as a surprise, but the people there also love wagering money. Not only do they love to place bets online, but they are also fond of online casino games. The only problem here is that wagering money online in India is illegal. Even though the people have been pressing India’s government to legalize it, no action has been taken. Luckily, the technology works in the favour of the people, as they use VPNs to hide their location and gain access to online bookies. Since this type of activity is hard to track, most of the people don’t face any consequences. 

People from India are forbidden to visit these sites, but the law does not affect offshore companies. That is why they are free to market their services to players in India.


Online bookies have invested a lot of money in their security and put a lot of effort into making their sites completely secure. That is why they use the latest SSL-encryption software. This software receives the data from each user and turns it into an unbreakable code. That way, the chances of a scam are close to 0. 

Security was a big problem for sites like these when they were created. People were not too fond of the idea of placing their private information online because they knew that the risk involved was high. As time went on, online bookies and other sites that deal with transactions were keen on making their sites safe; a mission in which they succeeded pretty fast.

Most Betted Sports

Online bookies feature all kinds of sports, but we decided to name just a few that are extremely popular. As you may know, football is by far the most betted sport. Millions of people wager on their favourite teams from the top leagues each week. Horse racing is also extremely popular in counties like Australia, New Zealand, the UK, UAE, and Japan. Finally, we got basketball and cricket. 

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