These Tournament Teams Are Making Bookies Cringe on Friday

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Don Shapiro
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Our friends at BetOnline have posted the top liabilities for Friday's NCAA Tournament games, both Against The Spread and on the moneyline.  In other words, these are the teams the bookies are praying will not cover or win outright.

The good news is that none of the top 5 liabilities on the spread are also featured among the moneyline sides.

Yesterday's big public teams on both the spread and moneyline were West Virginia (failing to cover and losing outright) and Arkansas, which proved to be a nightmare for the books as they not only won outright against Illinois, but also covered the -1.5 spread.

Dave Mason and the gang at BetOnline will be rooting hard for USC +2 and Kansas State -7.5 this day.


Top 5 Spread Liabilities

  1. Michigan State -2 (vs. USC)
  2. Montana State +7.5 (vs. K-State)
  3. Kentucky -4 (vs. Providence)
  4. Vermont +10.5 (vs. Marquette)
  5. Drake +2 (vs. Miami)


Top 3 ML Liabilities

  1. Kennesaw State +550 (vs. Xavier)
  2. UCSB +460 (vs. Baylor)
  3. VCU +165 (vs. Saint Mary’s)

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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