Simon Sanchez's Advice to Become a Poker Expert!

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Simon Sanchez, or Pe4nuts in the poker world, is the founder of Kill Tilt, which helps poker players improve technically and mentally. "If you're reading this, I'm willing to bet poker isn't just a game for you. Of course, you certainly take great pleasure in seeing cards and facing your opponents at the table, but you surely have other goals in mind."

Become an Excellent Player as Quickly as Possible

Maybe you want to win a big five figure tournament? Or maybe you simply want to make ends meet with poker or become a professional in online casino games and master the poker tips available on to perfection. All these objectives are very stimulating and can be a real motivation in poker, but surely you have already seen for yourself that it is not that easy. Having goals is essential to success, but that's not what you have to focus on if you want to succeed. The only thing that will concretely allow you to achieve your goals is to become an excellent player as quickly as possible.

Progress Technically and Mentally

The real secret to success in poker is therefore to progress as quickly as possible technically and mentally, in order to acquire all the skills necessary to ultimately achieve your goals. To be successful in poker, like in any other field, you must become very proficient. And that's when many poker players find themselves a little lost, and face obstacles, questions and doubts that can discourage them. How to manage your time well and optimize it to succeed in making enough volume? What do you need to work on first in your game, and how do you do it effectively? How do you stay focused and stick to your strategy at the tables? It is by having the answers to all these questions and so many others that you can really take a big step in your poker and really improve your skills. Unfortunately, many poker players who invest a lot, make a lot of volume and work a lot on their games but fail. The reason for this is that they unconsciously repeat mistakes without ever being able to resolve them. The result is that in the end their progress is much too slow, even insufficient. They then end up missing their goals, stagnating or even losing their money.

Have Control Over Your Own Progression Process

The only way to avoid getting there is to have control over your own progression process. You must be able to become proficient, where each passing day allows you to become more technically or mentally gifted. Regardless of your short-term results, if you can have optimal progress adapted to your goals, you will necessarily succeed in the long term since each passing day makes you stronger!

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