Popular CS:GO skins: How did they reach that status?

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Even though Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a tactical shooter game, it is not only about taking down enemies. Style and aesthetics are what make a great addition to your in-game skills. Luckily, CS: GO offers plenty of different skins that change your weapons. 

And the same as in a real non-gaming world, CS:GO has its own trends in weapon skins. 

The list of the most popular skins in CS:GO has been changing from year to year, but you can still spot unconditional leaders when it comes to skin usage. We will take a closer look at those skins and rate them based on:

  • Visuals. We will take a closer look at the visual concept of each skin. Define visual features and the main details that made the skin famous.

  • Popularity. Based on statistics and players’ experience, we will determine how popular the skin is and how often you will see it in-game.

  • Pricing and Rarity. Visuals and popularity make a huge difference, but the price of the skin is none less vital. So we will explore the market to watch the current prices of the skin. And we will also look at the rarity, which has a direct influence on pricing.

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USP - S Cyrex

This USP skin was released long ago in 2016 as part of the “Glove” collection. Skin features an elegant pallet of colors that consists of black, red, and white. It is also decorated with numerous inscriptions that attract players. Because USP - S is an initial counter-terrorist’s gun, people seek good skins on it. And this Cyrex skin took the status of one of the most popular USP skins. It has a restricted quality and can be bought on the trading market in a price range from 1.5$ to 130$, depending on wear state and StatTrek.

AK 47 - Redline

This AK 47 skin appears as one of the most used and esthetically pleasing skin concepts in CS:GO. This skin is used by so many players due to its concise and straightforwardness. It is just a solid black covering and a red line. That is what it takes to make a best seller out of AK 47 skin. It has been around since 2014 and has never been out of popularity. The cheapest version of AK 47 Redline can be bought for about 10$, while the most expensive for 190$.

Glock 18 Off-world

According to the research made by DMarket Blog, Glock 18 Off-world appears to be the most sold Glock skin in the game. It’s due to a few main reasons, and one of them is visuals. It is painted in a delightful blue color and has a few stylistic scratches. You might think that it is not enough, but you would be surprised if you look at its price. The cost of this skin is lower than 1$ dollar, and it is one of the cheapest guns on our list but very popular.

M4A4 Desolate Space

M4A4 Desolated Space has become an insanely popular skin for M4A4, and the main reason for that is visuals. Skin offers a breathtaking space view with a lonely skeleton floating around. In contrast with yellow and purple colors, vivid blue made thousands of CS: GO players buy and use this skin. It can be purchased for an affordable price from 3$ to 20$, and it is the most sold M4A4 skin.

AWP Atheris

AWP Atheris is a well-known skin for a legendary sniper rifle, which you can often see in games. This skin is decorated with a greenish snake that creeps through the rifle’s body. In addition to that, a scale pattern on the scope garnishes this weapon. Those stylistic features make thousands of this skin owners feel like a snake on a hunt. This gun’s skin has a restricted quality, and most of its wear states can be bought for around $3.

SSG 08 Bloodshot

Next on our list is a skin for SSG 08 (scout) that earned its popularity with the assistance of crazy looking design. SSG 08 Bloodshot skin revolves around a fantastic cyclops creature placed on the whole rifle’s body. With the Classified rarity and availability of the StatTrek version, this skin is one of the most sold skins on this gun. The price of every wear state is around 6$, but minimal wear costs almost 40$.

Galil AR Eco

Galil AR Eco proves that skin doesn’t need to feature sophisticated visual patterns and crazy painting to be popular among players. It is a mixture of pleasant green and white colors with miniature inscriptions and symbols. Since this skin appeared in the game in 2015, you can regularly spot it in games. With a classified quality and average price of 2$, tens of thousands of players use this skin.

Gut Knife Doppler

And the final skin on our list is the most popular skin for knives - Gut Knife Doppler. This skin applies paint on the knife's blade, covering it with a smoke-textured wavy pattern. Pattern index changes a ratio of colors by slightly moving them or even alternating them. The most popular pattern index is where all the colors are present. This skin appears to be the most popular Covert quality skin in the game due to its relatively low price of around $90.

Bottom Line

So if you want to get yourself some cool and popular skins, you can pick up one of the ones mentioned in this list. But besides the skins, we know that CS:GO fans are really into eSports. And one news about the addition to the CS:GO roster has blown recently. So make sure to check that out.




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