Philadelphia Bookie: 'They’re All Betting the F***ing Eagles'

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An Eagles win in Super Bowl 52 will crush local bookies operating in the Philadelphia area, especially those that don't operate using a Pay Per Head platform with its many losses leaders like IN-PLAY WAGERING and hundreds of props.  Scroll Down

"It’s crazy," one bookie told the Magazine.  "They’re all betting the fucking Eagles. I didn’t write New England once."

Surely, he must be exaggerating, right?

"Every single person has bet the Eagles. The line started at five-and-a-half and then it went down to four-and-a-half after somebody placed a really big bet in Las Vegas. Everybody is betting this game."

And that bookie, along with a handful of his colleagues, are the only one's in the Philly area that will be rooting for New England to win Super Bowl 52.

"I’m hoping for New England," he was not ashamed to admit.

The Philadelphia Magazine bookie, whose identity is obscured due to potential legal ramifications, does admit to taking bets on at least some of the more popular Super Bowl props.

"I got a guy who bet $500 on the coin toss. He’s a fucking degenerate. And I take proposition bets. How many yards Brady is gonna throw, how many interceptions."

 - Don Shapiro,

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