What's the Perfect Gift to Buy Your Casino Loving Mum This Christmas?

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Having a tough time deciding what to buy your beloved mother or that special woman in your life this holiday season?  If she's an avid casino gambler, the gift choices are virtually endless...and best of all, she will love you more than that other favorite son.

Having a mum who's favorite passtime is heading to the casino is so much better than, say, one who loves gardening.  What are you going to get your gardner mum for Christmas, another hoe? A plant? If it's not already growing in her garden, she don't want it. 

Outside of opening an online casino account for her with your money, the next best thing is a gift that helps enhance the playing experience.

That would be a casino fund jar.

Have a blast getting caught with your hand in this amazing candy jar! Made of bright white porcelain, this candy jar has a brilliant luster that makes your photos, text, and designs look spectacular.

It's dishwasher and microwave safe, but she won't care about that.  The casino fund jar will serve as a perfect tip jar for anyone entering her home.  Strategically place it near the entryway of the house or a well-traveled room where guests congregate using the same technique casinos do to place all their winning machines near access ways.  Stick a fake (or real) hundred dollar bill inside to give a not-so-subtle hint.

The casino fund jar is a great stocking stuffer.  Now for the good stuff.

Vegas Gift Cards and More $$$

Most casinos have their own issued gift cards with various denominations but Mom is going to have her favorite casino, and there is a good chance it won't be the one tied to the card you give her.  You know her local casino, but might not be familiar with all the Vegas properties.  If she's an MGM type of gal, that's where she'll be doing all her gambling. 

The Uber gift card offers a solution to this dilemma.  Use it for food or travel or both.  Amounts go up to US$200, so if you would like to spend more, simply purchase multiple cards.

The Vegas.com gift card is also an option as it is redeemable at many Vegas hotels, shows and packages.

Plush Stuffed Casino Bears

What mom doesn't love a stuffed bear?  And if she's a casino player, she'll adore these sweet themed bears found at BearFamilyGifts.com.

Don't be surprised if this lovable bear goes missing during your mother's casino sojourns. She might consider it a good luck charm.


Coffe Cup Set

There is an endless array of coffee cups that can be found across the Net, including sites like ebay.  If you're a cheap child, buy one.  We here at Gambling911.com recommend a set of four with different casino-themed messages.

She's not a coffee drinker?  They all are!  But casino-themed wine glasses, and all types of glasses for that matter, can be found on the Net.


More Mom Casino Gifts

Have Mom show off these loud casino socks while playing away on her favorite online casino.


Purses and pouches with casino messages like "lucky casino bag" are inexpensive gifts and perfect for heading out to the local casino.

Gamblers love message gifts as they believe said message is tailored especially for them and will deliver lucky wins.

Of course, the greatest gift of all for Mom is your presence.  So treat her to a lovely dinner at or nearby her favorite casino.  Most casino properties have at least one fine dining establishment. 


Remember, just because your mother might like casinos and Vegas doesn't automatically mean she loves any of those shows.   They probably don't.

Lucky charms?  You can buy some nice jewelry and present it as something lucky for your mom to bring with her to the casino.  And if she starts losing?

Oh, and that sexy lingerie?  Maybe a sexy Vegas inspired rome? 

You're her son, leave that for dad!

- Payton O'Brien, Gambling911.com

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