A New Cash Delivery Platform Comes to Canada’s Casino Industry

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In a recent report by Passport Technology posted on PlaySlots4RealMoney.com last Tuesday, the company announced some big plans affecting Canada’s casino industry. CashValet and POSpod are now poised to provide a cash delivery platform for the country’s land-based casinos.Widely recognized as highly advanced in its regulatory control over the gaming industry within its borders, Canada continues to push the envelope in technological advances that benefit both real money casinos as well as real money gambling by their patrons.

In the company’s own words, “CashValet’s technology stack delivers rich and dynamic feature functionality providing operators tools to better manage Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements, responsible gambling initiatives, evolving privacy regulations while setting new benchmarks in performance.”CashValet is a cloud-based application that allows operators the flexibility to create customized solutions for their particular needs. It works with re al-time data that shapes the parameters on the corporate level, while also drilling down to each independent location’s business practices. Operators can customize these financial transactions through the use of the casino industry’s finest user interfaces, web portals and POSpod points of contact.

Kurt Sullivan is the Chief Operating Officer at Passport Technology and he went on to add, “Together with our Canadian partners-and in consultation with many constituents-we developed a solution delivering immediate operational, financial and social impacts to the operators and communities we serve. Combined with our rich history in the Canadian marketplace and commitment to forward development, we are excited to establish CashValet and POSpod as the new industry benchmark.” Learn more about online casinos in Canada at EasyMobileCasino.com.

Some of the more technical aspects of CashValet as it pertains to Canada casinos mentioned in the report concern certified proprietary software. This includes Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) and PCI DSS level 1 applications. One of the biggest features for real money gambling is patron and card data security that does not transfer data outside of Canada to meet the country’s privacy regulations.

The company’s Chairman Scott Dowty added in the report, “We’re delighted to see the Canadian designed CashValet and POSpod product suite receiving so much interest from operators around the globe. Our move to Canada is especial ly exciting as a majority of our shareholders including myself are embedded in communities across Western Canada and Ontario. This is a true homecoming for Passport Technology and a great example of Canadian innovation and perseverance.”Passport Technology has already taken the lead role to ensure that all the required regulatory procedures will be satisfied. This will be on a federal as well as provincial basis prior to releasing their services commercially.

Also in the report, the company was pleased to announce that Dr. Corbin Dowty will assume the role of Executive Vice President & Director of Investor Relations. For the past 30 years, he has established himself as a vital part of the health services industry in Western Canada through his health services clinics.

While this new technology is set to raise the bar in Canada’s brick and mortar casino industry, the country has also been on the cutting edge when it comes to online casinos for Canadian players.

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