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The 2019 football season is in full swing and here we are nearing the midway point in college and the NFL is heating up and winning the bookies money.

The NFL is hard to predict and it’s certainly a cash cow if you work it correctly. Leaning on a pay per head is a great idea if you are tired of going through this rat race alone. Let’s face the facts, this bookie business that you have entered into, it’s a difficult gig. It’s a fun job and being a bookie is lucrative, but it takes a lot of discipline to make money and it takes a lot of work. Stop killing yourself and start enjoying what you do. No matter if you do this for fun or if this is your main source of income, you must be prepared, and you would be much further up the road by using a pay per head service.


Benefits of a Pay Per Head—

  • An online presence: An online presence is mandatory if you want to be relevant, even with your own players. Your players know you, they love you, and they trust you or they wouldn’t be your players. Your number one goal is to keep your players and we all know that in order to keep them, they must be happy. No matter how much your players love you, you must still work to keep them interested in what you are offering. Are they loyal because you are a friend and if so, do you think they play elsewhere? Infidelity is expected in this business, this is not a marriage, well, on the other hand, it is of sorts and it’s the one exception you will make to let your partner “see other people”! 

  • Your goal should be for them to make you their number one. We can all live with the fact that clients will see other people. That’s ok and it can be expected. We simply want them to think of us first. What do we have to offer them that makes them want to come to us first? 

  • Lines and odds: This one is a big deal and even more so than a fancy website, or a great wagering menu and interface. Lines and odds are what bring home the bacon and players want to know that what you are offering is competitive. 

  • The pay per head offers the very best and the most competitive ion lines and odds. The task of setting the odds for each event every day is a difficult one and can be a bit overwhelming. Here is what bookies tend to do – they set the odds as players ask for the event. This means that you are making them up on the fly. Never do business like this. Never under any circumstance, should you consider doing business in this manner. You can’t possibly know all of the day’s lines and sure you can offer what someone else is offering but are they offering the best lines and is it a line that really works for you? With RealBookies, you can rest assured they know the best lines minute for minute, and they will offer them. Odd change often and the PPH know when to change them, and what to set them at.

  • You have complete control of all lines and odds and at any time you may change what the PPH has set. 

  • The pay per head is bookie software what you are paying for is the use of a software program this is operated completely from your desktop or mobile device. There is no downloading, no site building, and no hosting of any sort. You get an online sportsbook, casino, and racebook all in one. 

  • The PPH bookie software does much more than setting the daily lines and odds. It also sets the days sporting events and acts as your wagering clerk. You players can log in and place their bets without calling you. 

  • The software keeps track of all the day’s spending, the day’s wins and losses, as well as grades all, bet slips.


Call RealBookies.com and get started today. They offer a fantastic free trial and they are willing to work with you. The cost is minimal. You have nothing to lose and so much profit in store. You're going to love your new look.

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