IGB Affiliate London 2023 - What to Expect?

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Alistair Prescott
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The conference season might seem far away, but now is as good time as any to get your tickets for the iGB Affiliate London 2023. The biggest event in the iGaming industry gathers experts from all spheres, including game creators, marketing experts and specialized websites such as CasinoHEX Denmark. The next year, the most anticipated occasion of the year, will make business insiders wonder if they are ready for a new area and announces a revolution. Viva la revolución!  

Record-Breaking Event 

Between February 8 and 11 2023, the capital of the United Kingdom will turn into the capital of iGaming industry, as more than 5,000 affiliates visit the conference, seeking the latest trends. They will be joined by eCommerce sellers, tech providers and operators to partake in what is known as the most influential event in the domain of online gaming and related industries. The professional bunch will meet and greet throughout the event, and special branded parties. 

The upcoming spectacle will occupy 11,800 m2 at ExCeL London, which is an increase of 22% compared to the previous year. Naomi Barton of iGB Affiliate, the company that started it all and successfully runs the affair for years, explained the main goal for the 2023 edition is to introduce insiders to new strategies. Additionally, the hyped happening aims to establish successful partnerships between different and unexpected sectors. Finally, everyone hopes the entire thing will result in new business opportunities for everyone involved.  

The Program Has Yet to Be Revealed  

As of November 2022, there was no official program released yet. It is presumed that next year’s conference will primarily focus on new ideas and the revolutionary potential the world of online gambling has. Additionally, it will probably deliver some neat tech solutions for burning industry problems. 

Judging by the visuals iGB Affiliate picked for the occasion, the new edition of London 2023 conference will be far more youthful, easygoing, and oriented towards new concepts and approaches that successfully target new audiences. Needless to say, the new generation of gamers is more demanding than ever, so naturally, the industry will have to adapt to survive the upcoming overflow of increased standards.  

Who Gets the Girl?  

iGB Affiliate announced plenty of seminars, workshops and educational presentations, yet there will also be room for some fun. The iGaming spectacle is notorious for its parties, where big business deals are signed over a glass of champagne, rather than a grey work desk. 

The main highlight of the occasion will be the ever-popular iGB Affiliate Awards show, taking place on Thursday 9 February 2023, at Troxy, London. The Grade II-listed Art Deco music venue, which started out as a cinema, will be a perfect background to line up all companies and individuals who made a massive effort to leave a mark in the past year. The spectacular will be themed, and draw inspiration from the Greatest Showman. 

Winning the iGB Affiliate award is a matter of prestige. In the past, some of the most renowned companies on the iGaming scene managed to find themselves among those worthy enough to receive much-coveted accolades. Pragmatic Play, George Williams & William Hill, as well as Bryant Bailey, are only some of the names that went home with the prize in 2022.

- Alistair Prescott, Gambling911.com

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