How Online Bookies Increase & Monitor Their Hold Percentages

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For online bookies, the amount of money they keep is always the most important aspect of their business. Bookies call it the hold percentage.

Before increasing their hold percentage, online bookies must first monitor their hold percentage. Monitoring their hold percentage is as easy as using the hold percentage tool.

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What is the Hold Percentage Tool?

A hold percentage tool, like the one that PayPerHead.com offers, provides a breakdown by sport, league, period and bet type of activity by agent or player of bet count, volume, win, loss, hold percentage, and average bet amount.

Everything in the above statement is important. The most important part of the above statement is that the hold percentage tool allows online bookie agents to find out how much they get to keep after grading all wagers.

That includes grading winning wagers and losing wagers. This hold percentage ends up being the real profit for a per head agent’s company.

Real profit is different than revenue. Only increasing real profit helps an online bookie expand his or her business.

How Do Online bookies Use the Hold Percentage Tool?

We already went over what the hold percentage is and how bookies use the hold percentage to find out how much profit they’ve made after they’ve graded all wagers.

But, how do online bookies use the hold percentage to increase profit?

The hold percentage tool is a tool because it does more than just provide the hold percentage. It also provides the bet type of activity by an agent or player.

It even breaks that down into bet count, volume, wins and losses, as well as average bet amount.

One other thing that pay per head agents can do with the hold percentage is to run two data subsets of the same report. That allows online bookies to compare and contrast betting action from one player to another.

With this information in hand, bookies can now decide how best to increase their hold percentage.

Perhaps, they must encourage more action out of some players. Or, they might want to use something like a line mover to discourage action on specific games.

It’s up to the online bookie on how to use the information that the hold percentage tool provides. The key is to understand that monitoring hold percentage must happen first.

Then, using available information to make key decisions is what should happen next.

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