How Online Bookies Can Leverage The Gambling Fallacy

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There is a belief out there coined the Gambling Fallacy that pay per head agents can leverage to increase action. The Gambling Fallacy isn’t a myth. Rather, it’s an interesting concept that has its roots in superstition and mathematics.

Before getting into how online bookie agents can leverage the Gambling Fallacy, let’s first define exactly what it is. Then, it’s going to be much easier to understand how agents can use it to their benefit.

What is the Gambling Fallacy?

The Gambling Fallacy is based on the superstitious notion that an event is bound to happen because past events have already happened.

Mathematically, this shows up in the games like baccarat where, because the player has won 6 or 7 hands in a row, the bank is bound to win hand 8.

In mathematics, equal distribution only arrives after large numbers. So, for example, equal distribution of stars in the universe occurs as the universe expands.

During the first moments, right after the Big Bang, the stars weren’t equally distributed throughout the universe at all.

How Can Per Head Agents Leverage the Gambling Fallacy?

Per head agents only care about the Gambling Fallacy regarding sports betting. That’s why it’s best to understand the gambling fallacy in terms of an event being due.

For example, if an MLB pitcher hasn’t allowed a home run in the past 10 starts, is he due to allow a home run in his next start?

By understanding the Gambling Fallacy this way, the way that sports bettors think, agents can leverage the Gambling Fallacy.

A leverage opportunity occurred on April 25 when Houston battled Oklahoma City in Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs. Before the game, online bookie agents could have leveraged the Gambling Fallacy by sending out an email or text blast that stated the following:

“The Beard and the Rockets have beaten Westbrook and the Thunder in the last 2 playoff games. Is OKC due to turn the tables?”

Such a statement almost immediately would have led to casual players betting on OKC. Casual players are more prone to the Gambling Fallacy than pro players. In the example above, Houston beat Oklahoma City 105 to 99.

Per head agents should experiment with leveraging the Gambling Fallacy on MLB and NBA games. They might surprise themselves with the amount of increased action they see after their email and text blasts.

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