‘F*** The Police’ Tank Top Prevents Man From Re-Entering Casino

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  • Website founder claims he was already playing poker in Cleveland’s Jack Casino wearing the shirt but was denied re-entry after stepping out to grab a smoke
  • Site founder Ademo Freeman says security guard told him to turn tank top insider out in order to go back inside establishment
  • Claims security guard then demanded to see his ID at which point Freeman engaged in a verbal altercation with a police officer who had come on the scene
  • ”Fuck your badge” Freeman says he shouted at the police officer

Jack Casino in Cleveland refused entry to an individual wearing a “F*** The Police” tank top two weeks ago.

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Website founder and contributor Ademo Freeman described the incident on CopBlocker.com, a website describing itself as a “diverse group of individuals united by their shared belief that, ‘Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights’”.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to play poker and do so fairly often. This past weekend was my birthday and I decided to take the day off and head to Jack’s Casino in downtown Cleveland. I have played here before, nearly all last summer, and am known at the casino by many of the staff; including security and the police who work there moonlighting.

Last Saturday I was on quite a rush and after taking a short smoke break was attempting to come back into the casino. That’s when “Chris” the security guard said to me, “You’re not coming in here with that shirt.”

I replied, “Sorry man, I’ve been here for hours and have money on the table upstairs, so if you’re serious you’ll have to call your boss because I have to come in.”

The security guard told me he wasn’t calling anybody.

Freeman even claims that a police officer approached and high fived him, saying “Nice shirt”.

Tank tops in a casino might not go over well in most such establishments but Freeman claims that the security guard then told another officer he could enter provided the tank top was turned inside out.

Freeman says he eventually did just that because he “had $3000 still sitting on the table”.

Freeman writes:

When I came back in Chris says, “Now I need your ID!”

I was like, “Are you kidding me?”

“Nope” said Chris.

I said, “Fine” and handed him my ID. At that time Chris and the officer took a peek to see my address and I said, “Oh you just wanted to see my address huh? So you can harass me later?”

“We can do whatever we want”, said the unknown cop as he leaned in to see my address.

At this time I was steaming hot. Not only am I being provided a very poor service but now I’m being intimidated and harassed.

So I responded to the officer by saying, “Yeah, well so can I. Fuck your badge.”

A poker manager eventually came to the scene and arranged for security to return his money and other property, noting that Freeman would be banned from the casino for the next 24 hours.

Not everyone commenting on the CopBlocker website was supportive of that website founder’s predicament. 

Shawn writes:

As for the shirt? Most places would turn away a "Fuck-anything" shirt. Nothing odd or cop lover about that.

And do I even want to know where you found 3k of money you're willing to risk on poker? Your money, your choice. But you certainly don't look like a high roller.

Another reader, using only the small “t” for a name writes:


You miss the bigger point.

EVERYONE hates you idiots.

Dirty, smelly, and caring only for self...that's what defines you guys.

People are free to not want to associate with that. Businesses are free to not want that in their place.

So voice your opinion. Raise a ruckus. Get a bunch of other dirty, smelly and offensive people to join you and protest the casino.

But just like most things you do...nobody cares.

For you only do it for you.

BTW....you are really Billy bad ass challenging an officer....who you know won't hurt you...to a fist fight

I guess the meth affects your thinking.

Jack Casino has yet to respond on the matter.

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com

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