DAO.Casino ($BET.X) And The Fair Game Cryptocurrencies Surge As The US Legalizes Sports Betting?

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The DAO.Casino ($BET.X) And The Fair Game ($FAIR.X) Cryptocurrencies Surged Last Week As The United States appeared to have legalizes sports betting? The alleged legalization of real money sports betting appears to be at a state-by-state level. However, is it a coincidence, that two real money gambling cryptocurrencies surged up the same week some people claimed to see headlines that may have said: "The United States of America legalizes sports betting"?

Before we get into all of the real money cryptocurrency news, the Army Of Bitcoin wonders why Bitcoin Core ($BTC) has not passed the $8,600 mark. After all, a few weeks ago Bitcoinalmost topped ten thousand but retraced back to under eight thousand per Bitcoin. Why is it taking Bitcoin Core ($BTC) so much time to get back to the ten thousand dollar mark? Now, The ArmyOfBitcoin.com is going to get into the DAO. Casino ($BET.X) altcoin The Fair Game ($FAIR.X) cryptocurrencies.

The DAO.Casino ($BET.X) altcoin has had a great week. According to ArmyOfBitcoin.com, in the past seven days DAO. Casino ($BET.X) surged up sixty-four percent, leaving the price sitting at $0.038814.  When you visit the official The DAO.Casino ($BET.X) altcoin website you see their headline says "Blockchain protocol for gambling".  However, despite the surge in price, the market capitalization is only $94,453, which is quite small for an altcoin surging up almost one hundred percent.  Was this part of a pump and dump scheme? 

The DAO.Casino ($BET.X) altcoin has an explainer video discussing the future of real money gambling.  The  DAO.Casino ($BET.X) altcoin explainer video says the future of real money gambling is fairness. In the past, we probably don't have to tell you that some online gambling operators have been dishonest. However, the DAO. Casino ($BET.X) altcoin promises fair random number generation, full transparency and much more.   What will the future hold for the online gambling industry? Will there be decentralized casinos online? There is an interesting article how The Future Of Online Casino Gambling Looks Bright With No House Edge On PlaySlots4RealMoney.com discusses decentralized gambling.  Meanwhile, cryptocurrency investors that took positions in the FairGame ($FAIR) are seeing profits. The Fair Game altcoin is up 34.36% since yesterday sitting at $ 0.043425. Fair Games market capitalization is  $3,361,960, which is much larger that Dao.Casinos.

Another real money gambling cryptocurrency that is surging up on www.ArmyOfBitcoin.com is Decent Bet (or DecentBET, which has the cryptocurrency symbol $DBET).  It has been a decent bet for real money gambling that took positions in DecentBet ($DBET) yesterday. Decent Bet is currently priced on the ArmyOfBitcoin at $0.360508.  Above all, they are seeing a twenty-six percent gain in one day! That means if you invested $10,000 it is worth around $12,600? How would you like to make $2500 or more betting on cryptocurrencies?

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