Crazy Lady Tossed From WSOP: Players Left Terrified

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Nagesh Rath
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An emotionally charged woman had to be removed from a World Series of Poker event following an outburst, which poker pro Allen Kessler (AKA The Chainsaw) claims lasted for hours.


"Crazy situation at the table next to me in this mixed o8 Event.  Eventually the woman had to be tossed out. Kind of scary tbh. Wsop staff was more than patient with this woman. This situation had been literally going on for hours."

Jacki Burkhart filmed the incident above.

While some of those in attendance clapped as the woman was led out by security, others gasped in absolute horror.

It was not immediately clear what caused the woman's outrage though she appeared to be complaining about her table mates.

Some users on X claimed she received a penalty for swearing which she refused.  Another said that she accused the dealer and players at her table of “colluding against her.”

“Done nothing wrong," she repeatedly screamed.

Most folks just seemed confused as the video fails to capture what led up to this incident. 

"Was a table over. Never heard so much continuos shrieking in all my years. Pretty disruptive for many, many minutes for sure. Whatever the issue, staff seemed extremely patient. Sheesh..."

Many mocked Kessler for what they deemed to be "overreacting".

One wrote:

"A screaming woman is scary? We have very different fear thresholds."

Another offered:

"Did you report yourself as safe on Facebook?"

And another tweeted:

"just another woman allen has zero chance with!"

But at least one player did offer some background on the hysterical woman.

Davros wrote:

"Karen's gone wild!," a reference to the name given to a woman an entitled, often older, often white woman who causes scenes in public and is sometimes engaging in racist or bigoted behavior while doing so.

"I have dealt to her before. she goes from calm to freak out fast... on my table it was because she thought a player smelled bad

"I think banned for life is appropriate.

"Props for dealer A.J.... he had to deal with her flip out...along w/ 3 floors 2 security."


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