Boston Attorney Swindled Thousands From Clients for Drugs, Gambling

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BOSTON — (Associated Press) - Authorities say a Boston attorney swindled tens of thousands of dollars from clients and associates and used the money to lease a Mercedes-Benz and rent an $11,000 penthouse apartment.

Wassem Amin was arraigned Tuesday on 26 charges including credit card application fraud, larceny, money laundering and forgery.

“He's alleged in this to have stolen approximately $247,000 from other businesses, clients and friends through multiple complex schemes. The conduct was fueled by drugs, gambling and a desire for luxury living,” Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Michele Granda said.

Prosecutors say the 31-year-old Amin used a business partner's identity to open several lines of credit without that person's knowledge and using the credit cards to for $35,000 in expenses. He also allegedly embezzled nearly $50,000 from a client who expected the money to be transferred into an account for his new legal practice.

Amin was held on $1 million bail and told not to leave the state.

He is due back in court next month.

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