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Booking action on sports is a great way to make a ton of money, and besides using a price per head service that has sharp lines, great customer service, and a website that never goes down, it is also important that the site is constantly making updates and adding new features. One terrific new feature that AcePerHead.com just recently added is a global may payout option.

In the industry on parlays, it is standard that pay per head sites have the ability to max the payout on any given parlay for each agent. So, for example, an agent can request to have a max payout of 5k on all parlays on all players, and what this means is that no matter what parlay his players bet the payout will be capped at 5k. This means that even if a parlay is supposed to payout 10k based on the odds of the selections, the parlay now will only payout 5k. This is a common feature in the industry to allow agents to minimize their risk, which is always important running a sportsbook.

Since most pay per head websites have the ability to cap the payout on parlays, one would think there would also be the option to cap all payouts on any type of wager? However, until now that has not been the case. AcePerHead.com has now used their research and development resources to build and add this much sought after feature to the industry.

They have now added a global max payout feature that allows agents to choose a dollar amount of how much they are willing to payout on any type of wager. This will include any wager made thru the website, such as straights, parlays, reverses, live, round robins, teasers, props, odds to win, futures and much more.

So, for example, many sports such as tennis, soccer, golf, odds to win the championship, and NFL scoring props have wagering options with large underdog odds such as +3500, which means a small wager of $100 will win $3500. Many agents around the world get nervous and worried when they see their players make a wager for example on Phil Mickelson to win the US Open at +3000, and risking $500. This means that if Phil Mickelson were to win, then this player would win 15k, which might be a bit too rich for a lot of bookies out there. So now with Ace Per Head, an agent can utilize this max global payout feature and cap his payouts on all wagers at a specific value, which for example could be 7k. This means that instead of a wager of $500 to win $15,000 on Phil Mickelson to win the tournament, the wager will be $500 to win $7,000, drastically reducing the risk amount for the agent.

This is a great feature that can be utilized by any type of agent booking action, whether it be a small agent with fewer than 10 players or larger agents with hundreds of players. Lastly, this feature also has the ability to be applied to specific individual players, or even specific subagents if a master agent has a bunch of subagents under him. This reduces risk and in the long run helps to make agents more money, which is always important when choosing a pay per head site.

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