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Are you planning to become a bookie soon? Then other than acing your bookmaking game, you need to understand the strategies bettors use. Here's a guide for you.

Whether you’re planning to place your first-ever bet or jump-start your bookie career, research is essential for both. While you might think that betting is all about “instinct” and following your heart, that’s the recipe for declaring bankruptcy. To become a successful long-term bettor, you need effective long-term strategies.

There are hundreds of different betting strategies used today. While some are based on mere luck, others can help you succeed. Wondering what they are? Here are six betting strategies that expert and professional bettors live by.

Focusing on One Team

Most expert bettors focus on one team and then learn all the fundamentals about them to place complicated bets. This strategy is more powerful than you might think. There’s more value when you learn everything about one team and become an expert than knowing a little about different teams. If you go the other route, you can’t make a well-informed decision about any team.

This allows expert bettors to take complete advantage of the important news released about their team and maximize it for profits. This is specifically useful for betting on smaller and non-marque leagues.

Studying Team Record Against Spreads

When reading insights about teams for gambling, there’s a very common term you’d come across called ATS (meaning against the spread). This concept is valuable for knowing how a team performs, not just wins or loses. Sportsbooks and casinos created this spread to determine the actual value of a team.

Export bettors consider point spread like a mini-secondary competition for teams for gambling. While newbie bettors focus on seeing who’s winning or losing, expert bettors search for wins and overall performance, something that oddsmakers see to determine the odds.

Sticking to Their Bankroll Management Rules

Long-term and successful gambling requires discipline and self-control that expert bettors become pros at after a while. No matter how tempting a bet might seem, they'll refrain from indulging if it goes against their bankroll management rules. And this is precisely what pays off.

Bankroll management is a concept that refers to the amount of money bettors are willing to dedicate to gambling, specifically sports betting. Then a certain percentage is decided that is allocated to each bet they make per day. To avoid bankroll depletion, a good bettor will always refrain from exceeding the per-bet amount.

Shopping Around for Best Odds and Lines

This is a strategy that we all understand very well since it is just like shopping in the market. You look around until you find a seller giving you the best value for your money.

Similarly, expert bettors take their time surveying the market. They don’t just dive into the first good bet they see. Instead, they choose to look around and find a bookie who’s offering them the best betting odds and lines for a bet. This allows them to take advantage of the offer and make maximum profits.

Riding the Winning Streak

Gambling is not always a walk in the park; you might go days without winning a single bet. But every once in a while, expert bettors get lucky and enter a winning streak where they play in the zone and don’t miss a single shot. They take advantage of the hot zone and cash in on the winning streak when that happens.

While new bettors might get carried away and try to make big bets in the heat of the moment, expert bettors continue to look for odds that offer them the right value while evaluating each factor carefully.

Dutching Their Sports Bets

Many expert bettors believe in the concept of “dutching bets,” especially in sports betting. This is where you select and place a wager on more than one selection during an event. This way, you win and make a profit regardless of which one works. Many people confuse this with arbitrage, where you bet on all possible outcomes.

Dutching is ideal for events where you expect multiple outcomes, and each is difficult. But rather than betting on them all, you choose the most likely ones to happen. Expert bettors prefer this over arbitrage as the fewer selections you make, the lesser losses you’ll have to bear.

Want to Become a Bookie?

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