5 Serious Questions To Ask Before Signing Up With A Pay Per Head Company

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Before signing up with a pay per head company, online bookies must ask serious questions. By not asking serious questions, bookies can sign up with the wrong pay per head solution.

The wrong pay per head solution can end a bookies’ business before it gets started.

Keep reading for 5 questions that every bookie must ask before partnering with a pay per head company, then, head over to PayPerHead.com and ask these same questions.

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Remember: all questions should be asked. No question is more important than any other.

1. How can you offer such low rates?

Pay per head companies that offer fair or high rates aren’t a problem. The old adage, “you get what you pay for”, is as true in the sports betting industry as it is in any other industry.

If anything, the adage might mean more in the sports betting industry.

Beware low rate pay per head organizations. They could be out to score big bucks from pay per head agents.

2. How’s your client interface?

The client interface must be up to par. If the interface makes it difficult for a bookie’s clients to make wagers, the bookie loses money. The interface must allow for easy wagering.

3. How’s your agent dashboard?

A great dashboard can lead to more profit. Online bookies that become online bookie agents must have access to a dashboard that allows them to forecast action on individual sporting events like the Super Bowl and NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament.

 That requires access to reports.

4. Do you offer an online casino and online racebook?

During the slow period of the year, i.e., MLB Season, an online casino and online racebook can support an agent’s online sportsbook. It’s important that bookies that become bookie agents can offer, if they choose, online casino and online racebook betting.

5. Do you offer premium or premier tools?

Some tools, like an override tool, should be free. However, other tools, like a line mover, should only be offered via a premium package.

A line mover is a premium tool. If a pay per head company offers the line mover for free, they might suffer in some other area.

Overall, all online bookies that wish to become online bookie agents should remember that this is their business. They shouldn’t look to sign up with the low cost per head company. That’s not the goal.  

The goal is to go with the best per head company, the one that can help increase revenue and profit.

Check out a few different providers and come armed with these questions. Make sure one pay per head company you’re comparing is PayPerHead.com, see if they stack up to these questions— I bet they will.

Check them out right here, and find the perfect sportsbook software for your online bookie business.

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