4 Things Bookies Don't Want You to Know About Sports Betting

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Did you know the gambling industry in the U.K. alone takes in more than £7.1 billion per year?  That’s more than $9 billion, so you can see there is a lot of money changing hands on all sorts of wagers.  By the way, it’s not just people in the U.S. who love gambling.  For example, nearly $100 billion is placed on the outcome of the Super Bowl every year.

As you can see gambling is big business.  But how can you can you win big while keeping the bookies at bay?  Well, the first thing to remember is that gambling is a business and as such many of these companies are working to keep their advantage – not only over the competition but also you, the customer.  As such, this article will give you some insight into four things that bookies don’t want you to know about sports betting.


  1. Accumulators

This is something which many bookies will offer promotions to get punters to come on board– in some cases up to a 100% bonus on what you win.  But have you ever stopped to ask why?  It can’t be that the bookies are looking to give away money.  In fact, their business model is exactly the opposite.  So, what is all the hubbub about accumulators?

It turns out that there is a simple answer.  Accumulators are where most bookies make their money.  Think about it, the more lines you include on a betting slip, the higher the probability that your bet will lose.  As such, playing accumulators is not a smart strategy if you want to win big.

Instead, look at how the professional gamblers bet.  The best ones will place single bets more than 90% of the time and even when they do go beyond a single bet, the rest as either doubles or trebles.  

So, if you want to improve the odds, then stop making risky bets.  Skip the accumulators and keep more of your winnings.  The bookies might hate it but, who cares.


  1. Don’t Get Limited

Bookmakers hate winners as such they are likely to place limits on your account.  This happens all the time and you will want to check out different sports betting apps and providers to get a feel for how their systems work.

One way to find the best betting websites check out: http://www.topbettingsite.co.uk.  This site will give you the rundown on what you need to know about different sites.  This way you can be more strategic about where you place your bets and for how much.  Doing so will allow you to maximize winnings while getting around those pesky account limits.


  1. Keep (Well Taking) the Change

Bookies can be greedy.  One common ‘trick’ is to overround.  This is when they round to more than 100% on a given market.  If this was the stock market, the regulator would haul them in and probably fine them.  I mean even investment banks don’t do this – or at least they aren’t so obvious.

However, bookies constantly overround and this means that their exposure in any given market is being subsidized by the punters.  Talk about double dipping.  While you can’t avoid overrounding completely, you can check around and see which bookies are offering the best odds at the lowest margin.  

Remember, gambling is not about taking wild chances, do your homework and bet wisely.


  1. Only Promote the Winners

Ok, we all do this.  Think about it, you are at work and you want your boss to know about the great job you are doing.  As such, you only talk about everything that turned out great.  We probably can’t fault bookies for doing the same thing, but you do need to remain mindful on how gambling works – for every ‘Winner’ there might be hundreds, if not thousands of losers.

The moral is to not get sucked into the marketing.  Accept that some people do win, but also accept that even the winners will take their lumps from time-to-time.

There you have it, four things that bookies don’t want to you know about sports betting.  As mentioned the last thing that you should gamble is the money you have set aside for gambling.  Keep this in mind, as sports betting isn’t about a hunch, it’s about doing your homework to make sure you come out on top.


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