Weitzner Mansion Having Problems Attracting a Buyer: Haunted?

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Thomas Somach
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Weitzner Mansion

More than nine months after it was put up for sale, the Virginia mansion of suicide victim Ken "The Shrink" Weitzner is still on the market.

Apparently there's not much interest from the public in buying a house where two people killed themselves.

Last April, Weitzner and his wife, Jackie, killed themselves in the home by using a combination of sleeping pills and poison gas.

Ken was the founder of two Web portals devoted to sports betting, The Prescription (www.rx.com) and Eye on Gambling (www.eog.com).

He made millions of dollars running the sites, but eventually squandered his fortune on bad investments and gambling losses, triggering the couple's suicides.

The mansion is only a few years old and cost over a million dollars to build.

It was left to Ken's two stepsons in his will.

A real estate agent involved in trying to sell the Weitzner house told Gambling911.com last year that there wasn't a lot of interest from buyers in purchasing a home where a double suicide occurred.

"Only a handful of people have toured the property," the agent said.

Another source in the real estate business said this week: "The housing market isn't the greatest right now, and that certainly has something to do with it, but I don't think the Weitzner house will sell any time soon because of what transpired there.

"It's just too creepy," the source said. "Who wants to live some place like that? I'm afraid it's going to take years, until the public forgets about what happened there, before it sells.

"The Weitzner house reminds me of that house in Amityville, New York, where six murders occurred. The house was said to be haunted and it was impossible to sell the property. A movie was made about it. I'm not saying Ken's house is haunted or anything like that, but lots of people believe in that stuff and it's not going to help it sell."

The house is located at 2128 Hickory Forest Drive in Chesapeake, Virginia, USA, and is about a four-hour drive from Washington, D.C.

A virtual tour of the property can be seen online at http://www.2128hickoryforestdrive.info

By Tom Somach
Gambling911.com Staff Writer

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