Weitzner Home Haunted? Gambling911 Retains Ghostbuster

Written by:
Jagajeet Chiba
Published on:
2128 Hickory Forest Drive in Chesapeake Virginia

A noted San Diego-based ghost buster claims she can determine whether the 2128 Hickory Forest Drive in Chesapeake, Virginia, home of deceased sports gambling portal owner Kenneth Weitzner is haunted through the examination of a series of photos of the house.

Weitzner and his wife Jackie were in deep debt from gambling.  The couple committed took their lives in a double suicide last year. 

“If the mansion is haunted I will be able to make that determination,” Bonnie Vent advised our own Thomas Somach. 

Ms. Vent operates under the handle “Spirit Advocate”, conducting paranormal research.  She operates a self-titled website.

“Being a ‘Spirit Advocate’ I provide an active voice for spirits on the other side. Delivering these messages also includes some historic research to provide proof of the accuracy of the message as well as action items to assist the spirit in finishing their projects here with us.  Providing tangible proof of ‘Life After Death’ and providing a bridge between their dimension and ours has become my life's work.

Fox 5 San Diego has reported on Ms. Vent.

The “Spirit Advocate” claims she can determine whether or not the Weitzner mansion is indeed haunted by simply studying photos of various rooms, including where the double-suicide is purported to have taken place. 

“If it is not (haunted) I can give the property a clean bill of health,” Vent tells us.  “This may assist with the sale.”

For now, the home is attracting few buyers.

One real estate agent told Somach:  "The Weitzner house reminds me of that house in Amityville, New York, where six murders occurred. The house was said to be haunted and it was impossible to sell the property. A movie was made about it. I'm not saying Ken's house is haunted or anything like that, but lots of people believe in that stuff and it's not going to help it sell."

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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