Wayne Root Tells Gambling911 of His Future Plans

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C Costigan
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Wayne Root

As reported by Gambling911.com on Friday, former US Vice Presidential candidate Wayne Root shut down his sports service call center this past week. 

Mr. Root sat down with G911 Friday evening to discuss what was behind this move and his ambitious plans for the future.


Right now I'm sitting in a beautiful hotel suite in Dallas about to deliver a keynote address on success for a group of 500 businesspeople...next week I have two major political speeches on opposite ends of the country...this is my life now. I'm in politics and planning a serious run for President in 2012...I just finished writing my new political book...it will be out in Spring with one of the biggest publishers in the world...I'm a regular guest on national political TV and radio shows a dozen to two dozen times a week...and I'm talking to major national radio syndicators about my own Rush Limbaugh-like political talk show- which I'm hoping to have on the airwaves by Spring.


Seperate from that I've been asked to co-found and run a new media company...I have 2 new reality TV show opportunities...I am the producer of a successful TV series on the Travel Channel.....I'm Executive Producer of a new documentary about Entebbe (about the daring Israeli military raid) coming out soon. And I'm Executive Producer of a major motion picture about 3 of the biggest stars in the entertainment business that starts filming in Spring. As you can see...I'm a little busy.


Then there's my most important project of all- my family. I have a wonderful wife and 4 young children- including a new baby that is the apple of my eye. So I need to spend more time with them too.


That's why I sold my company to a UK publicly traded company back about 18 months ago- so I would not have to run day to day operations anymore...and I could star on our WinningEDGE TV and radio shows...and handicap the games...I'd oversee the North American operations...but no longer run the company day to day...


but unfortunately that company was caught in the global credit crisis and went out of business...which left me in the position of running the Las Vegas company again and left the ownership up in the air. I did it until the football regular season ended...now was the time to move on. So we closed the salesroom. It's been 10 wonderful years, but it was time to move on.


I am so excited about the new life and career I've built. If you Google me...handicapper is far down the list. I'm a political leader and nationally-known personality now. But I'll remain in the handicapping business on the web side- far less time intensive, few employees, much lower media expenses. Just no longer running a day to day salesroom or large company.


I'll be making anouncements soon about my future plans both in and out of sports oddsmaking and handcapping world. But we've spent about $60 million dollars in the past 10 years building ROOT-the biggest brand name in handicapping history. Even in this terrible economy, my brand name attracted over 100,000 calls during the 2008 football season.


So I'm working on my new web project and entertaining offers in the handicapping world that will allow me to showcase my name...but have no management responsibilities..giving me the time to build my entertainment, media and political empire. I guess you could say I'm a free agent and entertaining all interesting offers.


2012 should be a very exciting year. I believe my new book The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling, School Choice & Tax Cuts! will be a national political game-changer. I think Americans will never again feel the same way about big government, taxes, bailouts and the Nanny State after I release this book and start promoting it day and night on the national media circuit.


Happy New Year to you and all your readers C        

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