Wayne Root Reportedly Closes Shop

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C Costigan
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Wayne Root

Countless reports have indicated to Gambling911.com that former US Libertarian Vice Presidential running mate and sports handicapper, Wayne Root, has shut down his sports service call center in Las Vegas this week.

"Nobody has answered the phones since Sunday," one sports handicapper told Gambling911.com.  "This is unheard of during an NFL Playoff Weekend."

This individual also told us that three of his employees had approached a car dealership about employment over the past few days.

"The story I hear is that he (Wayne Root) came in, told everyone he was closed, get there stuff together and leave," according to one poster on the MajorWager website.

It was not immediately clear how many customers, if any, were affected by the apparent closure or if Root planned to open back up this weekend.  The Super Bowl is traditionally the largest revenue day for sports handicapping services.

On May 25, 2008, Root made it to the fifth ballot at the 2008 Libertarian National Convention before being eliminated and endorsing Bob Barr, who went on to the party's presidential nomination. In the third round of voting, he was successful in the race for the vice presidential nomination, beating Steve Kubby.

In September 2008, Root offered to give up his VP slate on the Libertarian ticket to make room for Ron Paul, as the LP received feelers that the former Republican presidential candidate may have been interested in getting on a strong third party ticket, as there remained a strong following behind him. Paul declined the offer, and denied any intention of running on a third-party presidential ticket.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher 

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