Ware is he Now: Former WSEX.com Owner Lives in German Brewery

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Former WSEX.com Owner Now Lives in German Brewery:  Hidin’ Ware

A co-founder of now defunct World Sports Exchange (WSEX.com), Hayden Ware, is living quite the intoxicating life, Gambling911.com can report.

Hidin' Ware?

Ware and his German-born wife now reside in a converted German brewery. 

The Wares paid around 655,000 euros (about $890,000) for the 3,230-square-foot space located in Berlin.

Whether any of that money belongs to players of WSEX.com is unknown as Ware’s involvement in the shuttered online gambling company during its later years remains somewhat of a mystery.

Millions of dollars are still owed to customers of World Sports Exchange following the suicide of another co-owner in the company two weeks ago.  Steve Schillinger, who fatally shot himself in the head, was the only person known to be involved in every day operations of WSEX. We do know that Ware was still heavily involved in the company up to 2008.  His role beyond that point is not entirely clear other than being seen on the tiny Caribbean island. 

Then there is Jay Cohen, the third co-founder who returned to Antigua following a jail stint in the US.  He was still involved with the company back in 2011 when G911 engaged an employee via this online chat:


joe: i would like to open an account and bet the super bowl how do i do this

You are now speaking with Collin of Sportbook.

Collin: one moment please   

Collin: Please go to the website at www.wsex.com and select "join now" then fill out the information required.

joe: what about all this stuff im reading all over the internet that wsex isnt paying out winners? is there any truth to that?

Collin: Wsex is paying their customers, however, we are experiencing some delays therefore checks may not be delivered in a timely manner

Collin: We are working to have the problem rectified as soon as possible.

joe: delays of how long? im hearing years

Collin: I won't be able to say how long a draft would take to get to you should you request one as it depends on the amount of requests sent in any one bacth

Collin: checks have been taken a few months in the past

joe: i'm worried about my money..i hope you can understand that...is the u.s. govt still trying to shut you down???

Collin: We have been having difficulties in getting processors to work with us due to the gaming rules and we have lost a few processors due to these gaming rules which is why we are having these delays, however, we have established a new processor and will continue to do business

joe: what is the problem with payouts? you used to be timely...why cant you just send out a check right away when someone requests THEIR money???

joe: why can't jay cohen just put all the money into a local bank account and then he can write personal checks to the winners

Collin: It is not as easy as that, we do not process checks directly, they have to be sent to our processor who will complete the batch and then send of f the checks

joe: with all due respect, sir, then why should i open a betting account with you if it will take months to get paid if i get paid at all?

Collin: We have been in business for many years and have paid all our customers, true that we are experiencing some delays at this time, however this will not last, all customers will be paid

joe: maybe ill wait to sign up then...how long will it be until bettors will be paid in a timely manner? are we talking this year?

Collin: Things should be back to normal soon, this year of course

joe: before or after the superbowl

Collin: based on the information given, the processor is working towards getting things sorted out before the supebowl

joe: do you know jay cohen personally?

joe: what kind of boss is he to work for

joe: i read about him in the ny times

joe: when he went to jail

joe: he must be a baaaaaaaaaaaaad dude eh?

Collin: I do, he is a great boss but I really can't speak on that matter

joe: on what matter?

Collin: the matter about jail sir

joe: you dont want to speak about it or your not allowed to

joe: ???

joe: if i am going to send you my hard earned money to bet dont i have a right to know about the people im sending it to?

Collin: You have all rights to learn about who you are sending your money to sir, however, I do not feel discussing my boss going to jail will help

joe: what assurances can you give me that your not going to steal my money? after all your boss is an ex con

Collin: The only assurance I can give you is my word which is based on the fact that we have never stolen nor intend to steal any of our customers money

joe: there are hundreds of sportsbooks out there...tell me why i should use you if you are slow paying and your boss is a crook

Collin: I am sorry sir but we will not have this conversation. If you are ready to set up an accoun t you should go ahead and do so or I will have to say goodnight.

joe: if you cant defend your business i am not comfortable with that

Collin: I am not going to entertain your chain of conversation sir, I reccommend that you go to the website and read all you can about WSEX, I have already given you my word that you will be paid should you request a withdrawal.

joe: i just want assurance your not gonna rip me off and you say 'we willnot have this conversation' what kind of bull is that.you gotta be kidding

joe: you gave me your word? i dont even know your name ,,,what good is your word

joe: youve been slowpaying for years but all of a sudden the problem is going to be cleared up before the super bowl? that sounds a little shady doesnt it

Collin: I am not sure what else you want me to say or how else I can assure you, all our customers will be paid

Collin: You can contact us tomorrow and speak with a supervisor or manager for further reassurance


Gambling911.com’s own Thomas Somach revealed to the world last week that Schillinger used an illegal hand gun to take his own life

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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