UGA Bookies Are Finance, Economics Majors: Felony Warrants Issued in Athens

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Nagesh Rath
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UGA Bookies Are Finance, Economics Majors: Felony Warrants Issued in Athens

(Gambling911 News Wire) – Two University of Georgia students have been charged with running a lucrative commercial bookie business on the campus.  Authorities issued felony warrants following an investigation that started in November when UGA police received a hot tip.

Named in the warrants are Max Richard Braun, 22, and Brad Kirschner, 21, neither of whom were arrested as of Friday morning.  Braun is also wanted for alleged cocaine possession.

Both men appear to be starting their business careers early to coincide with their respective majors.  Braun is a finance major while Kirschner is studying economics.

The warrants were issued Wednesday by an Athens-Clarke County Magistrate Court judge.  – Nagesh Rath,

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