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C Costigan
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Iron Maiden

He's hip, partied with Andy Warhol's Factory friends, and once lived a block down the street from Gambling911.com's Publisher.  Now he is Costa Rica's uber concert promoter welcoming acts the likes of Sting, The Black Eyed Peas, Placido Domingo, a famous giant yellow bird that likes to be tickled (hint, hint), Alejandro Sanz...and this week, Iron Maiden.  This is why they call him the "UBER PROMOTER OF CENTRAL AMERICA".  He promotes everything and anything with a pulse...or a beak even.

Eddie A. is a friend to the online sports betting sector, which has made the "Switzerland of Central America" its epicenter. 

"Everybody wants tickets to this concert," Gambling911.com was told by someone in the industry this weekend.

Costa Rica accounts for more online gambling establishments than any other single country in the world and many of the county's thousands of industry-related employees are looking forward to this concert.

Unlike most promoters and "agents" we deal with who want only one thing - and one thing only - to get into reporter Jenny Woo's pants...Eddie A. is different.  He's not full of himself and he is highly profession.  Plus, we left Jenny home.

The last time we caught up with Eddie A., he was standing in the lobby of an exclusive hotel with Latin singing sensation, Alejando Sanz, and surrounded by a few dozen screaming women. 

We shouted out to him.  He immediately rushed Mr. Sanz into an awaiting limo, terrified that Sanz might think he associated with the sloths from Gambling911.com.  Okay, maybe he just didn't hear us over all those screaming Latin women.

This time is different - Eddie A. wants G911 to be there for the Iron Maiden concert and meet with the group's members.

And while Iron Maiden may have hit their peak in the late 70's and 80's, their fan base is among the biggest in the world to this day.  In fact, the last time they arrived in Costa Rica, thousands of people descended upon the airport to greet them.

Iron Maiden may very well be one of the greatest concert performers on the planet.

Here is a review that appeared on Voxy.co.nz last week following Iron Maiden's concert in New Zealand:

24th February 2009 - Iron Maiden rocked the wet and soggy Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland on Friday night in what might go down as one of the best concerts I've ever gone to...and not just because of the show put on but because I got to see the original line up, of what I think, is the most iconic metal band of all time. There are maybe three other bands in history that I would rate up there with Maiden, as not just iconic metal bands, but iconic bands in general that if able to put their original line ups together would be amazing but will never be able to due to death of band members or general bad blood between members. So to have a band that has been going since the mid 70's still able to put an original line up on stage is pretty amazing stuff. Also when I say original line up I mean the line up that made them famous which was from 1981 onwards even though the band was formed back in 1975.

Now the outlook for the day was for heavy rain and thats exactly what happened. But did it put a downer on the night? Not at all. In fact by the time we got there at around 8pm to see the end of one of the warm up acts the rain had pretty much stopped and for the rest of the night either it didn't rain or just had a gentle drizzle. In fact the drizzle helped cool down everyone as it was still a pretty muggy summers night and the rain just added to the whole atmosphere. They played only hits and songs from their 80's albums as it was called the ‘Somewhere Back In Time' tour and so they would go from playing one of their hit singles to classic rear hits that they almost never play live. So it really was a once in a life time event especially seeing as it was their first time to New Zealand since 1992 for the ‘Fear Of The Dark' tour and so who knows when they will be back again...and all alive to make the journey.

In fact I'm finding it hard to even find the right words to describe the experience as even during the night I found it hard to comprehend watching this band that I have been listening to since the early 90's rip out tune after tune with a huge stage spectacular that even included a 12 foot Eddie puppet that walked out on stage and played with the band during one song! I mean come on!!! Thats just cool! Not to mention I have a new out look on growing old. Why? Because of Bruce Dickinson. At age 50 this man can still head line a 2 hour long show where he spends the whole time running around the stage, changing outfits and generally destroying your ears with his powerful voice. Not only that he seems as fit as a man half his age, he's trendy as hell and just damn cool! So when I hit 50 and I can be half as cool as that Ill be happy.

Iron Maiden live gets 9 out of 10 from me and its going to be hard for that to be topped in my eyes for a long time to come.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher 

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