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Tiger Woods Divorce

The real winner in this week's Tiger Woods shocker may be his wife Elin.  The second big winner could be the online bookmakers offering odds on Tiger Woods and his wife divorcing. Actually it is the gamblers who might make out big on this as the divorce odds were set at 3/1 at BetUS.com if it should happen over the next 12 months.

BetUS.com has added the following Tiger Woods divorce odds for New Year's Eve:

Married to Elin Nordegren    



Separated but not divorced    






Re-married to someone else    


Unless you were living under a rock on Wednesday like some of us, news surfaced that Tiger Woods may have been having an affair with a VH1 reality star turned waitress Jaimee Gross.  And the woman in question had voice messages to back her story up.  Tiger made things worse by posting on his blog that he had essentially sinned, though never admitting to the affair.

Of course, all of these revelations follow a Thanksgiving weekend car accident, which many believed involved more than the damaged fire hydrant and tree.  Rumors surfaced that Tiger may have been trying to escape his angry wife and a golf course might have been smashed through her window.

So what's a divorce from Tiger Woods worth you might be asking yourself?

$300 million!  Or 30 lifetimes!

Divorce attorney Raoul Felder has handled huge celebrity cases from then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani to Mike Tyson, and said he wouldn't count on Woods' marriage to survive.

"There's a separate level of hell when you're a celebrity. You're subject to extraordinary temptation that ordinary people are not subject to," Felder told CBS News out of New York. "I don't think the prognosis is too great for something like this unless she's willing to make some kind of deal and live with it."

Tiger Woods divorce odds were available under the GOLF section at BetUS.com here

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