Super Bowl Bets: Which Have the Most Action?

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Dan Shapiro
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Arizona Cardinals

The most popular of the Super Bowl bets thus far appear to be the Pittsburgh Steelers with a -6 ½ line; the touch down as the first score of the game with a line of -170; the first half Arizona line; Pittsburgh kicking off first; and the National Anthem OVER 2 minutes.

"These are the Super Bowl bets getting the most action at as of Sunday morning," explained Payton O'Brien, Senior Editor of the website.  "It really is interesting to see what the public is betting on."

A few of the day's NBA games were thrown into the mix, getting more action than specific Super Bowl betting props.

"The touchdown bet is an interesting one verses the field goal or safety happening first since bettors have to pay a steep price," says O'Brien. 

The touchdown happening first pays out $140 for every $100 bet at

Arizona covering in the first half with a line of +3 ½ has the public's attention.

At several other online sportsbooks, the number one most bet on event is the Arizona money line paying around $200 for every $100 bet should the Cardinals win outright.

Dan Shapiro, 

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