Ronn Torossian Says CNBC’S Reality Show ‘Money Talks’ Is A ‘Sham’

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Ronn Torossian Says CNBC’S Reality Show ‘Money Talks’ Is A ‘Sham’

"Owning a PR firm, I know well that while reality TV is often scripted, and rarely reflects “reality”, CNBC’s new show "Money Talks" which focuses on the world of sports handicapping crosses over the line of acceptable entertainment."

Ronn Torossian of 5WPR wrote an op-ed which should interest the readers of Gambling911 immensely.

Headlined, “CNBC's Money Talks Encourages Boiler Room Salesmen”, he notes that: “While the show was green-lit last year, it hasn't aired until this week and its host is widely being referred to as a fraud. From the fact that the star uses a fake name (as under his real name he is a convicted felon), to claiming an impossible winning percentage of 71.5 percent, CNBC, America's most prominent business network is wrong to air this program.”

“Just as The Wolf of Wall Street portrayed the dredge of the stock trading world, so too does this show portray dishonest people in the world of sports gambling. Shouldn't a business network take something as serious as gambling more seriously? While CNBC was late to reality TV, shows like Shark Tank and The Profit are so well done, this show goes overboard. People will watch this show, and undoubtedly call VIP Sports and lose money. And won't people then say: "Wow but I saw it on TV?" While boiler rooms exist, CNBC reality shows should not celebrate them -- especially in the gambling industry.”

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