Premier Per Head is the Pay Per Head Service You Need

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Matt Skinner
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Premier Per Head is the Pay Per Head Service You Need

There are a number of independent bookmaking agents in the sports betting industry that string together enough business to get by. However, for any bookmaker that is serious about growing their current operation into a long-term, profitable venture they need a Pay Per Head service that is serious about helping them accomplish this goal.

Premier Per Head has been helping independent sports bookmakers for the past 15 year realize their dreams of building their business into a viable company that can rival even the biggest online sportsbooks in the sports betting industry today. That is the reason we are considered the No. 1 Pay Per Head Sportsbook provider by bookmakers all across the globe.

To make it in today’s highly competitive business environment you need sportsbook management solutions that not only handle the day-to-day administrative end of things, but also give you the proper tools to build and grow your customer base. Premier Per Head has made the necessary investments in an operating system that has a very high level of database redundancy and a sports betting software that is extremely sophisticated in design while being simple to navigate.

When you sign-on with Premier Per Head, downtime becomes a thing of the past. Your enhanced online presence through your own custom website will project a highly professional approach to providing your customers with the personal service that the big online sportsbooks will never be able to match.

Another major plus with Premier Per Head as your sportsbook solutions expert is a world class call center that is only staffed with highly trained industry experts that all come from a bookmaking background. Gaps in communication with an American-based cliental will never be a concern and our customer service representatives are always there on a round-the-clock basis to handle any questions or concerns that may arise. This will help free up your time to further market your services to the betting public.

Backend access to Premier Per Head’s state-of-the-art sports betting software can provide everything you need to make the right business decisions on a daily basis. You will be able to monitor every aspect of the action coming on a customer by customer basis for complete control of your exposure every day of the year.

Many independent agents are stuck in AAA ball with their current price per head providers, but with Premier Per Head as your business partner rest assured that you will be competing for world titles every single season.

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