Philly Mob Trial: ‘I Should Just Shoot You in the Head’ Comment Just ‘Talk’

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Philly Mob Trial:  ‘I Should Just Shoot You in the Head’ Comment Just ‘Talk’

The defense in what is anticipated to be a months long Philly Mob trial claims that supposed “threats” made against two cooperating witnesses were nothing more than “talk” with no acts of actual violence. 


Philadelphia mob boss Joseph Ligambi is on trial accused of running a massive organized crime operation that focused on gambling, loansharking and more.

Ligambi’s attorney, Edwin Jacobs, insists his client has zero ties with organized crime.

“If there was any sport bookmaking, if there was any money lending, if there was any video poker violations, if there were, it had nothing to do with any big Mafia, La Cosa Nostra, racketeering conspiracy,” Jacobs said. “They should have just charged a couple of guys with doing this and that and we would all be out of here in a week.”

Henry Scipione, 55, testified earlier that he had met with another alleged mobster, Anthony Staino, as he owed a payment of $5,600 but “didn’t have a penny”. 

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(Scipione:)  “I told him I didn’t have anything. I told him I had nothing, I used the money.  And he got real agitated.”

(Prosecutor:)  “What did he say to you?”

(Scipione:)  “He said, ‘Where’s my f—ing  money?  I should shoot you in the f—ing head,’ taking my money.”

(Prosecutor:)  “How did that make you feel?”

(Scipione:)  “Not good.”

Jacobs noted that Scipione could not have been too concerned about his safety as he never sought witness protection. 

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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