Philadelphia Inquirer: Las Vegas Bookies Crushed By Packers Win

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Aaron Goldstein
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According to the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Bill Ordine, Las Vegas bookmakers were big losers over the weekend thanks to the Green Bay Packers win over Philadelphia to advance in the Playoffs.

From The Inquirer:

In Vegas, money had been pouring in on the Packers in the days and hours leading to kickoff, as the point spread moved substantially from the Eagles being a midweek 31/2-point favorite to being just a 11/2-point favorite by kickoff.

The flip side was that the bookmakers took a major hit on the Eagles' season-ending loss. It didn't help that Baltimore - also heavily backed by the wagering public Sunday - trounced Kansas City, 30-7, easily covering a three-point spread.

Jay Rood, MGM Resorts director of sports and race book operations, had earlier stated that a Green Bay cover and the OVER would be “super ugly for the (Vegas) books”.

The final score went UNDER, which saved the Vegas books to some extent.

Online bookmakers were hit harder in the day by the Baltimore Ravens easy win (and cover) versus the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Ravens were the most wagered on team Against The Spread this past weekend online.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com 

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