Pay Per Head Services – 2013 Football Season

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Pay Per Head Services – 2013 Football Season

It’s that time again when pay per head services are in high demand. has joined the family for the 2013 Football season.

Benefits from include the following:

Quality Customer Support Customer Support associates have a strong commitment to provide your business with the most professional service as you, the sport advisor, and your clients are our number one priority. Our multi-lingual speaking operators are available 24/7/365 to address all of your needs in a highly knowledgeable and courteous manner.

  • Unique 800 number to ensure phone calls will always get through
  • Multiple website tailored options
  • 24/7 services
  • Real-time online access to all accounts
  • Online reports available
  • Online ability to change lines or clients’ limits
  • Multi-lingual speaking operators English, Spanish & Mandarin to name a few

Reliability (Technology) is renowned for its reliability in each aspect of the writing business. We have implemented a recovery plan that includes redundancy with full data replication capability in two external locations, besides our high-speed fiber optic internet connection, satellite back up and generators.

  • 24-hour technical staff support
  • Triple redundant Telephone and Internet connectivity
  • Multiple firewall security
  • All calls are digitally recorded to avoid and handle claims
  • State-of-the-art equipment for added security reliability
  • High-speed access and accuracy on all telephone and online transactions
  • Mitigation solution to resolve any denial of service (DOS) attacks


Increased Business

The greatest benefit of using will be the increase of the client’s business. We are the safest place to run your operation, as all information is stored efficiently and available 24 hours a day, either online or by telephone.

  • Unique and private Internet site for the placement of sports options around the clock
  • Lines available for any sporting event: TIPX (European Sports), Donbest (U.S. sports) & Betradar (live gaming)
  • Props available along with halftime
  • Risk Management ( Lines) Specialists
  • Ability to move line off own money action (at additional cost)
  • Sports Advisors’ full control of all clients actions
  • Extensive sports selection


Cost effective operation

IDS will save its clients money!

  • No need to rent offices
  • No need to pay clerks
  • No claims if work is seized
  • No need to pay for software upgrades
  • No need to purchase equipment
  • No legal hassles

No security issues to take care of

Learn more about and pricing packages here.

- Staff


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