Paddy Power Must Remove Hollywood-Like Sign From Ryder Cup

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C Costigan
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Paddy Power Ryder Cup

One can never accuse Ireland power house bookmaker Paddy Power of not knowing how to market.  Seems they erected a Hollywood-like sign at this year’s Ryder Cup that has now been ordered down by the Courts.  The sign has seemingly paid off thanks to the publicity generated.

An injunction has been brought against Paddy Power by the Cardiff County Court on Wednesday. 

The sign stands 270 feet across and appears on a mountainside in the tradition of the famous Hollywood, California sign.

“We are clearly the victims of bureaucratic bullies and rich golf course owners but we will respect the verdict of the court,” Paddy Power reps said in a statement issued on Wednesday.  “I guess it's a textbook case of - we fought the law and the law won.”

Celtic Manor Resort owner Sir Terry Matthews expressed disgust over the way Paddy had been trying to steal away attention from paying sponsors of the 2010 Ryder Cup.

“It's just disgraceful that genuine backers of the event can be usurped in such a fashion.”

Paddy Power is offering odds on where the sign will turn up next with the London Olympics the favorite at 2/1 and the Moon getting 100/1 odds as the long shot.

Alistair Prescott,

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