Outstanding Advancements Facial Recognition Software and Gaming Security

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Outstanding Advancements Facial Recognition Software and Gaming Security

Although it may seem like technology lifted straight from the silver screen, facial recognition software has become staple amongst casino security across the world.


Since coming to life back in the late 20th century, the field of facial recognition research has advanced so much that it is now able to accurately identify an individual with just one glace of a photo, with a one in a thousand chance of error. It is therefore no wonder that major land-based gaming companies are using this as a means of protecting their business and customers from potential cheaters.


CCTV facial recognition systems have been introduced to casinos across the world and are able to identify customers entering their premises. Using this, the casinos are even using the software to tailor the customer experience to each individual, either by closely watching suspicious players or by offering preferential treatment to frequent visitors.


The information can then be sent to the innovative Non-Obvious Relationship Analyser (NORA) software database, which runs the facial details against a database of known cheaters. Developed by the Las Vegas-based System Research & Development Inc., the software searches to see if the individual has any prior known connection to individuals on the casino floor, including hotel guests and employees, effectively preventing cheaters working together in larger teams.


However, this technology is not only being utilised to protect organisations, but it can also protect people who are afflicted with gambling problems as well. Two years ago, Canada’s Ontario Lottery and Gaming Operation introduced facial recognition systems to all 27 gambling venues in the province. Problem gamblers could then voluntarily submit a photo of themselves to the casino database. This means that if any of these individuals sit down at a slot machine, the game’s “eyes” recognise them and alert security, who then remove them to protect themselves and the casino from potential lawsuits.


However, it is not only land-based casinos that are starting to introduce this technology. Although many gaming sites, such as riverbellecasino.com offer strict protection and security to their customers, online sites pose a growing concern over player safety. Companies such as the UK-based Facebanx, are starting to develop revolutionary solutions to these privacy issues.

As opposed to alpha or numerical passwords, Facebanx offers users an innovative one-time set-up procedure, which records the individual live via a webcam or video-capable device, such as a smartphone or tablet. This computer-analysed movie then becomes a user ID, with subsequent log-ins matching a fresh image capture to the original video to eradicate the possibility of identity theft. Major online firms, such as Grosvenor and Ladbrokes are already looking into this technology to ensure consumers the highest possible levels of protection.


Google are advancing facial recognition even further. While Facebanx just takes an image of the user, the patent pending technology by Google requires customers to follow a command. The system would ask the user to perform a simple but random act, such as winking or smiling. This would make it impossible for fraudulent users to access information and funds from other customers by using an image of their face, and could ensure a previously unattainable standard of online security. 

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