Online Poker to be Voted on Today in Delaware Senate

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C Costigan
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Online Poker to be Voted on Today in Delaware Senate

Following a delayed vote on Tuesday, a measure to legalize online poker in the state of Delaware will be first on the Senate’s agenda.  BREAKING NEWS ON THIS MATTER COULD BE APPEARING ON OUR TWITTER FEED FIRST SO PLEASE FOLLOW HERE.

The online poker measure, House Bill 333, is part of more expansive gambling legislation strongly backed by the Markell administration, which includes offering casino gambling in additional locations as well as widening sports wagering options.

Proponents of the bill feared there were not enough votes for passage on Tuesday due to the absence of one key Democrat.

“I have a concern about people losing their paychecks [playing online casino games] at their dining room table,” Senate Majority Leader Patricia Blevins said, but conceded she intends to reluctantly vote for the measure fearing a loss of casino jobs. 

Senate President Pro Tem Anthony DeLuca, D-Varlano, said “I think we had sufficient votes to pass the bill today.”

“We’ll have more votes tomorrow,” he said.


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An amendment to the bill was also being worked on to appease the state’s harness racing industry, which wants a greater profit percentage from online gambling. 

“Members of the administration were working with senators and others on an amendment that was of concern, and while progress was made and the sponsor agreed not to run it, given the late hour Senate leadershiop decided the bill will be worked first on the agenda on Wednesday instead,” said Brian Selander, spokesman for Gov Jack Markell.

An amendment to the bill would have forced it back into the House for vote and possibly delaying passage before the close of this year’s legislative session Saturday.

Delaware is looking to form compacts with both Rhode Island and West Virginia, two states expressing interest in offering legalized online poker to its citizens. 

- Chris Costigan, Publisher

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