New England Patriots Huge Win A No Win For Bookies

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C Costigan
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The online bookies couldn't win with the Arizona Cardinals vs. New England Patriots game no matter what line they came up with.

"My personal favorite, and the public loves them too, New England -8 against an Arizona team that can't win on the East Coast,"'s own Carrie Stroup predicted coming into this game. "(The Cardinals) will be facing brutal weather conditions and really has nothing more to gain.  If this isn't a blowout - forget the 8 points - New England doesn't belong in the Playoffs."

And that's exactly what they did Sunday afternoon.  In fact, at press time the Cardinals hadn't even scored while New England was already in the 40s scoring wise.

"This was one of those ‘locks' that the bookmakers simply could not win unless they took the game off the board," Stroup admits. had New England getting well over 90 percent of the action just prior to game time.

"It was a blood bath and the weather cooperated with the gamblers, not the bookmakers," Stroup added.   "Consider this one an early Christmas gift."

There were plenty of variables suggesting Arizona didn't stand a chance in New England but sometimes a single variable leads many gamblers to make hasty decisions. 

Miami verses Kansas City served as a perfect example where the Dolphins were playing in the coldest temperatures in their history.  Still, the Chiefs were not necessarily a team to be riding with only two wins.  Instead, many believed the frigid weather would result in a low scoring game and the UNDER.  Hardly the case.  This game was already in the 60's (score wise that is) before the 4th quarter. also had odds on the New England Patriots winning the 2009 Super Bowl with top payout potentials (updated Tuesday) 

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