Microgaming Online Poker Network Dukes It Out With Cereus

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C Costigan
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As Cereus brand, UltimateBet, has its spokesperson, Annie Duke, duke it out with comedian Joan Rivers on this season's Celebrity Apprentice, there is another fight transpiring.  It's the fight for 7th place among online poker networks, and so far Cereus seems to have the upper hand over Microgaming.

Ever since PokerSiteScout began breaking down Microgaming into its various skins, that company has pushed its way into the Top 10, from the lower Top 15.  Cake Poker and Boss Media are now trailing Microgaming.

"The 24 hour peak on Thursday had Microgaming at 4063 real cash players compared to Cereus's 3324," said Payton O'Brien of Gambling911.com. 

But Cereus has managed to hold onto the 7th place spot, averaging a mere 100 players more than Microgaming. 

"The 24 hour peak numbers give Microgaming a leg's up on Thursday morning since they no longer accept U.S. players and their business is typically more active a full 6 to 10 hours before Cereus," explains O'Brien.  "Most of Cereus's customers were asleep when these numbers were recorded."

Had Microgaming elected to remain in the U.S. market, they would likely be in the 7th place position. 

Cereus is looking to market heavily on the coming weeks.  It was in the process of filming a television commercial with poker pro spokesperson, Phil Hellmuth.  The company is also a premier sponsor on the Gambling911.com website, which helps it maintain a strong visibility across the Net.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher 

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