Liquored Up Phil Hellmuth Trapeze Stunt

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Ace King
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He's still alive and posting on Twitter so we'll assume he's all right, but had we caught poker pro Phil Hellmuth's earlier Tweets we would surely have been cringing....actually we still are.

He began with:

"Drinking Dom in VIP booth with wife."

And he added:

"Trapeze stunt from 5 stories up at 10:40 pm...Scary!"

Two hours later:

"I am pretty drunk!!"

Had the trapeze stunt been extended by two hours, we might be saying "Bye Bye" to Phil, who has had horrible luck at this year's World Series of Poker compared to past years.

"I am running so bad it is actually comical. What else can i do but laugh? So much hard work, and no pay off..."

Overall, Hellmuth has won close to $35,000 and it doesn't appear as if he will win anything else before the main event.

The losses won't cut into his typical flashy World Series of Poker grand entrances.

"Sunday July 5 i show up to WSOP as 'Caesar: with 100 models, 11 muses w body paint, a chariot w 2 horses, and a drummer dropping rose petals."

Hopefully he'll have a priest with him also.

Ace King, Gambling911.com         

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