Kentucky Online Gambling Domain Forfeiture Hearing Delayed

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C Costigan
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Originally scheduled for November 17, 2008, a forfeiture hearing for 141 online gambling domain names has been rescheduled following Judge Thomas Wingate's allowance for a Motion to Stay.

The new hearing date will be December 3, 2008.

The delay is being permitted to allow affected parties more time in which to respond.

"Illegal Internet gambling poses a unique threat to our Commonwealth," expressed Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear. "For individuals - particularly our youth - it is tantamount to a virtual home invasion. For some of our vital and most venerable legitimate enterprises, it undermines their exemplary regulatory compliance and siphons away their constituents."

On December 3, owners of the domain names may come forward to show that they have installed blocking devices that prohibit Kentucky residents from gambling online with their establishments. Many have argued this is unconstitutional.

Judge Wingate also ruled that was unable to prove that they were not accepting bets from Kentucky citizens. In his order, Wingate cites an example where a cash bet was taken from someone living in the state via GoldenPalace, which the court said is closely tied to and benefits from revenue sharing.


Christopher Costigan, Gambling911

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